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Thread: Flow stim doesn't affect AI receptron

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    Flow stim doesn't affect AI receptron

    I have a guard AI that has the WaterStim receptron on it, and this receptron works fine when I shoot a water arrow at the guard. The problem I have is that if the guard falls in water (canal) that has a flow brush and a WaterStim source, the receptron doesn't respond to the source.

    How do I get a flow source to affect the receptron on an AI?

    I've tried the same setup with an object and it works fine, but just not on an AI.

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    This has been a issue for others, too.
    In Quamtotius Purgamentum the author wanted to set holy stim on a flow brush (jump to obj 123). It didn't work. Then he put some markers into the water with a stim radius.
    I did the same in a dml to fix Breakout from Apocalypse Prison.

    Another solution would be some invisible objects the AI collides with.
    or boundstrigger with TrigOBBSpec script could trigger a NVRelayTrap which is sending a stim to AIs.

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    Thanks Unna. I'll probably use markers since I have them as ambients already.

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