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Thread: T2 FM: Nosferatu - Volume 2 - updated to v1.1 (08 Nov, 2019)

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    T2 FM: Nosferatu - Volume 2 - updated to v1.1 (08 Nov, 2019)

    Two years ago I released an old revived mission "Nosferatu", but at that time I had no intention to continue. Days later I was thinking a sequel would be nice or maybe a whole campaign, then finally I decided: let it be, the show must go on, let there be a campaign, after all I have no other business So, here is the next sequel from the open campaign, but we haven't invested much in testing because these missions will change a lot in the coming years and at the end will be an all-embracing general testing anyway. You can consider it a special Halloween release
    Since "Nosferatu" it's a non-combat, story driven investigation game, don't miss to read anything you find because there are no unnecessary readings. The package includes both missions, the first mission has been modified according to the second mission. Note that there are useful tips along the objectives in both missions, but only on Normal and Hard difficulty levels and not on Expert, so I recommend Hard difficulty for start. Also don't forget to write in your Notes (map) as a reminder of clues. The second mission happens almost in the same place as the first but in other circumstances and can be finished even without weapons. Good luck!

    Some technical advice before you start:

    - this campaign requires at least New Dark v.1.26 with fog and new_mantle enabled!
    - the use of the built-in Fan Mission Selector IS recommended!
    - any HD mods or improvement packs are NOT recommended!



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    Congrats. You beat me to it I have a new mission for upload to Halloween too.

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    A thousand YES to this

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    like zoinks!

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    Congratulations, Sensut!

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    "I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt. I fear. I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul. God keep me, if only for the sake of those dear to me!"
    Congratulations on the release, Sensut!

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    Ooooh, very happy! Congrats Sensut and thank you

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    Marvellous; I had a great time with the first one. Looking forward to giving this a go!

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    Second mission: i jumped into well,how do i get out?

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    Just downloaded Thank you Sensut have always enjoyed your missions/stories!!

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    Thank you everyone, it was a pleasure to do it, but really

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaratul View Post
    Second mission: i jumped into well,how do i get out?
    It seems you've been trapped, sorry, was not intentional. If you have not opened the grid previously, you can't get out from there, you need to reload. I have to deal with this in the future...

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    I have a problem with this mission and several other missions: all books and scrolls are empty. Does anybody know the reason for this?

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    Create a new thread for this issue and provide informations about your installation, FM-Loader, etc...

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    Congratulations on the release, Sensut! Really looking forward to it.

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    Starting this back up, and happily I'm not remembering everything to give me that fresh immersive experience. Perhaps that's because of little changes, changing my experience. I have one of the statuettes and it doesn't appear to be able to placeable anywhere in the sanctuary in the ravine, do I have to collect all of them first? If so, how many are there to keep count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamophyte View Post
    do I have to collect all of them first? If so, how many are there to keep count.
    Yes, you need to find all 7 statuettes before you can place them on the alter.

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    The fearless vampire killers Professor Anbroncius love it

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    Finally after 3,5 hours I managed to complete second mission with 8250 loot. Wow, this mission is so gigantic. It is well written and has a good atmosphere. The biggest problem I had was finding Magda. I searched whole castle just to find her. What annoyed me was white flash after teleporting to different place. At some point I started closing my eyes just so I will not get blind. And the mission ends abruptly. I legitly thought I am just in half of the mission.

    Well, I had a really good time with this mission. It was nice to see the rest of the castle. Thank you for making, Sensut. I wish you good luck. I guess we will see in Mission 3 someday.

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    Thanks for your reply, every opinion counts for my "to do" list what I'm collecting for continuation and I'm opened for any reviews and opinions. Since that this is only a sequel the mission suddenly breaks, I had this feeling too after I played first time Just I said to Linda something is wrong with the gameplay because there is no ending. But when the next mission will be chained to it will be OK. There is a "hole" around Magda, although if you read the cook's message at the kitchen door you'll know that you don't need to search for her because she is gone. So, according to plans this hole will be filled with some next mission contents, by a kind of crossroad.

    trioptimumscapes: I could not miss him by no means

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    Hey Sensut, I got some problems in the first mission with this version.

    Using the key on the portal doesn't take me anywhere.

    After using the holy water on the ghost corpse the barrier does not disappear.

    Hidden loot locations not working:
    Press the button, nothing happens.

    Same here, press the button and nothing.

    Place the roses in the vase and the vase no longer highlights, the roses don't go into the vase and the secret doesn't open.

    Same concept here, I place Dewdrop and the crib no longer highlights, but Dewdrop doesn't get placed in the crib, the secret doesn't open.

    I'm running with NewDark 1.27 installed from T2Fix 1.27a. No mods installed.

    I'm launching through Angel Loader v1.1.2.

    I was able to complete this mission using v1.1. I'm going to skip this first mission and see if I have any other issues.

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    Sounds like the gen script file is missing after installation. I'm not familiar with Angel Loader, as I understand is in development, but not sure that's the source of problem because I don't know how is working. Also I don't know what you installed by TFix. I can suggest that try to install through the built-in FM Selector and see what's happening. Or you can copy all of the *.osm files from the mission zip to the installed FM folder (I don't know how and where Angel Loader create this folder). For this reason I recommended the built-in FM Selector and a clean Thief install without any fixes, mods etc. This is also interesting because there are no differences between the original and the new FM file systems. If the old version working well, the new must too.
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    On second mission: where can I find the key to the Celtic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaragendon View Post
    On second mission: where can I find the key to the Celtic?
    Don't worry about it for now, you'll find it later for sure.

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