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Thread: Cryptic Realms: Pitch Black or Color? Which is better?

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    Cryptic Realms: Pitch Black or Color? Which is better?

    Which is the superior experience?

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    B&W of course The B&W version was made in Old Dark, the colored already in New Dark. Otherwise the colored Cryptic Realms was the first released FM with New Dark in 2012.
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    I only played black and white version and I had annoying problem figuring out what is what. Wished to have this mission in color and just after beating it I realized that this version existed. I wish to know about it earlier.

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    Well that's one vote for each. LOL
    And it's super complicated because I don't know wether the vote of the fan mission's author should count for more or less than the vote of a "civilian"

    What kind of problems did you have figuring out what is what in the black and white version, Galaer?

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    Well, I had a problem of figuring out the paths. Sometimes just after trying to jump somewhere I could notice it was possible. Spotting loot was also hard. Gems from mummies are barely visible. And overall I prefer color over white and black, because I'm not a fan of this kind of aesthetics.

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    I preferred the colour version

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    Holy crap, that was the best! I'm bummed I missed out on this mission for so long. I think it might be on my favorites list now.
    I played the color version, and cleaned the place out on Lethal. Found everything. I didn't know exactly what I was in for when I started. I knew I was going into a tomb, but I didn't know how combat focused it was, which actually pleased me. I had been looking for/craving something a little combat friendly for a while, and just stumbled into this. I had no idea the sword was holy until I bonked a zombie on the back of the head, and then I was like "Oh.... OHHHH.... I think I love this!"

    Great job Sensut. A+

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    So now you just need to replay it in black and white version to maximize your experience.

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    Might just do that.

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