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Thread: Half-Life: Alyx, "flagship VR game"

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    Syncing facial movements to dialogue (that "I'll be with you every step of the way" shot) is clearly still a problem firmly tethered to the uncanny valley. It's not that it's BAD by any stretch (you can see the work that's gone into it) -- but it's still so far from being GOOD.

    The disembodied hands are super weird in a video trailer, but I imagine they feel pretty natural in VR.

    Overall, the trailer looks nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingedKagouti View Post
    They're probably hoping it shifts sales of their VR kit.
    Of the Index? Not likely. It's 900+!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    Imagine that you got your VR headset on, complete with headphones, and you're standing about in the middle of your game room, TOTALLY absorbed in the VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE.

    Problem is, you don't realize just how into it you are until you knock yourself over after running face first into a wall.
    My "immersed in virtual reality" moment was when I leaned on a crate.

    That wasn't there.

    And fell onto the floor face first.

    And henke:

    I am also hyped.

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    Ok come on wtf is this thread pruning bs?

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    Things were said that couldn't be unsaid. Steps had to be taken.

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    Why don't you tell me more? I saw Eva's vagina comment, natch. PM me if you like.

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    It's interesting seeing the mechanics developed from Boneworks being implemented.

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    To be honest, all the Boneworks footage always made me suspect that it was a secret Half-Life project, as there were quite a few similarities and some of the design work looked suspiciously like placeholder art (e.g. the enemies).

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    I agree, I believe the Boneworks team also received an early Vive Index so they could develop the game on it. Only 10 more days until release

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