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Thread: Resident Evil 3

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    You mean where you tap the button when you're grabbed? From what I understand, it only reduces damage.

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    Ahhhh, maybe that's what I was missing. You expect a more visceral outcome from such an action....

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    Yeah, it's just to reduce the amount of damage that you take just as it was in REmake 2. There's even an option to change the function from repeatedly tapping the button to simply holding the button which I prefer. I think they got rid of the defensive weapons since you have the dodging mechanic to master instead.

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    I don't think that mechanic was in RE2?

    Quote Originally Posted by SDF121 View Post
    Strangely enough, I felt the same way up until the sewers. I feel like the game only starts to find its groove and identity once it starts doing its own thing which is why I think everything that proceeded it in the city was weaker. Which is kind of weird because I felt the opposite with the original game where the city had its strongest moments and then everything else afterwards was underwhelming in size and scope. Hopefully it picks up for you as well as I found myself on the fence up until the area you've reached.
    I've reached the final lab and my feeling is exactly the opposite. This isn't an RE3 remake at all - it's an RE3 themed mediocre expansion pack for RE2 which feels a bit too inspired by the RE5/6 style linear shooter design. The city section was the most enjoyable part for me thus far just because it plays the closest to RE2.

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    Maybe I just assumed mashing buttons in REmake 2 made a difference.

    After having a couple days to think it over I still feel mixed on the game overall despite having fun with it. It's definitely not the game I imagined it would be even with my tempered expectations with the Devs saying it was going to be more of a reimagining than a faithful remake. I would say that if you're not a RE fan in general that its probably best to wait for this one to go on sale. I agree that in many ways it does feel more like an expansion that compliments RE2 rather than stands apart from it.

    I really didn't like all the scripted/linear sequences that were so frequent early on as well but did at least enjoy the bit of exploration in the city, hospital, and Nest 2 even if they were on a smaller scale. I think my experience with this is the same I had with The Evil Within where despite its many missteps or questionable design decisions there was still a fun game to be had once you accepted it for what it was and not what you hoped it would be. Still a shame that this game didn't take advantage of the source material in the ways I hoped that they would have done.

    Again, if you're not really a fan of the series or the genre then just wait it out until its on sale. REmake 2 is definitely the better game of the two although I will say that there are a few things REmake 3 does particularly well.
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    Cool! I am wating for it. Is it launched?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexawiliams784 View Post
    Cool! I am wating for it. Is it launched?
    Quote Originally Posted by Masardo View Post
    The original is gorgeous, passed more than once before, now you probably can't even manage to look at such pixels. It is good that the 3rd remake, the favorite game of the entire series.

    Movies do not match the game at all, only the first part was good, and then went to the fierce trash from Anderson, thank you for even making movies at all.
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