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Thread: SC and FMs...a love story

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    SC and FMs...a love story

    After a notable absence, I decided that I wanted to put Thief on my Windows 7 laptop again. It has been years since I have been able to immerse myself in the world that captured my interest over 20 years ago and I was determined to make it happen again.

    I grabbed those classic trapezoid boxes of mine and decided I would give Thief Gold a try first. I went to nickie's thread and worked my way through the links and downloaded the appropriate Tfix_1.27 patch. I then crossed my fingers as I proceeded to work through the install. Two discs later I was staring at that familiar menu that invited me to load the game. I gazed in awe. I honestly couldn't believe that I was about to venture into the sewer and work my way into Lord Bafford's Manor.

    Encouraged, I decided to install Thief II. Working through the post again for links, I found the relevant T2fix_1.27a patch. I stared at my T2 discs, begging them mentally to install without issue. After several anxious moments I was ready to help Basso. Result!

    FMs beckoned me 'Join Us! Join us now!' echoed in my head and 'Yes!' was my enthusiastic reply. Going completely blank about FM folder placement, I did what any long-time forum junkie would do - I messaged Nightwalker! After several minutes of going over where best to store my FM folders (I knew NOT to put them in program files), I began my downloads from You can't imagine my absolute excitement when an FM loaded on my screen.

    What's my first choice of FM, you ask? Yandros gets the honour with A Thief's Holiday. Completely appropriate for this time of year and one that I used to played annually. ❤️

    So in conclusion, let me express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to those who continue to keep the game in sync with the changing systems. I marvel at the complexity of trying to figure out how the game ties together with so many variables. I applaud all of you.

    And to use a term I use very sparingly in RL so that it has a much deeper meaning when I DO say it...

    Much love,

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    sure thing. also, thanks again for voicing audio logs for the Minstrel.

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    It's nice to see you diving back in FM's, dear friend! Enjoy!

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    Agreed. You've got so many treats in store.

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    Very happy to hear you diving back into FMs, there has been one good campaign released earlier this year which I would highly recommend and hope you'd enjoy, storywise it takes place after the events of the thief trilogy, remember that girl who grabbed Garrett's purse from ending of deadly shadows?
    One of the many possible outcomes of what could happen with this fan fictional story telling in the form of a campaign called Patriot by Zontik (did he have a team behind him?) has grown to be one of my favorites, probably to do with one of the DromEd builds directly representing this wonderous build from real life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    sure thing. also, thanks again for voicing audio logs for the Minstrel.
    My pleasure. Thanks for asking me.

    Nightwalker and nickie - I'm looking forward to seeing what's been added.

    Ghostly - Thanks for the FM suggestion. ☺️

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    If you're looking for the latest stuff, the venerable is sadly no longer updated. Thief Guild, Southquarter, and Taffers Paradise are all up to date. Thief Guild also has user ratings and the ability to write reviews, so you can easily find highly-rated FMs.

    For recent FMs, the most important event to note was last year's contest for the Thief 1 20th anniversary. Most of these FMs are excellent, and some of them represent the highest quality of work ever achieved by the community. Also for Thief 1 are Korthak's A Night In Old Quarter and vegetables' Down In The Old Vault, which are both very good.

    For Thief 2, there have been a few releases this year, but many people are working on submissions for next year's T2 anniversary contest. I recommend Korthak's Deadly Cure.

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