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Thread: Geralt of Netflix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    Yeah, the social commentary is heavy in the books and it's one of the reasons I love them. Definitely talks about sexism, women's role, feminism and (later on) even issues of abortion.
    Oh boy. Republicans are trying to prove at every occasion what dumb, clueless, sexist, vile, mean arseholes they are.
    I would laugh, if it wasn't so sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    You know what you did.
    I'm still waiting for an answer from Sulphur!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gryzemuis View Post
    Game of Thrones did a similar thing. They have women (and girls) in the show. Compare that with LotR. LotR has only male heroes. Except Liv Tyler maybe, and she hardly has any screen-time.
    Well you forgot Eowyn (in terms of "heroes" this is a massive oversight), Galadriel and Rosie Cotton of course, but besides that - isn't this just about adaptations of the books? There are a few women in LotR but it's a story about about a bunch of dudes really. Make of that what you will but there aren't going to be many women in the "show".

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    Watched all 8 episodes (I was avoiding this thread till I finished watching them all), and I found it to be quite good. Combat was great, Cavil was a great casting choice for Geralt. After 1 episode he was Geralt to me. Damn Yenn loves taking her clothes off a lot. I mean she has a great body and all + super attractive, but dayam.

    Music is suitable and feels like that of the games. Love the new "Coin to your Witcher" tune. That should have been in the games. The different time switching (as in, different scenes in an episode would be in different years) took some getting used to. Worked out fine in the end. The big battle in the final episode was pretty good. Far more grimmer than in the games.

    I got the urge to go play the video games after watching it, so the show must have been doing something right.

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    Have I got a mod for you then.

    We're only 5 episodes into the show at the moment, but we're absolutely loving it. The references to Xena and Hercules above are spot on in my opinion, but given that I adored those shows I am very much on board for this adaptation.

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