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Thread: What ARE you playing in 2020?

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    Whenever the Skywind TC gets completed, that will be the one to play on the Skyrim modding side of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post
    Don't even get me started on the broken initiative and armour systems.

    Gods, I really hated DOS2.
    Which is a shame, because I loved the first one.
    Yeah, the truly awful combat system ruined DOS2 for me as well. It's a shame, because the combat in the first one was so great, and DOS2 does improve on the first game in a lot of other ways.
    But the combat ... argh no, make it stop.

    That's really not a popular opinion, though. I remember having a lot of people arguing with my negative Steam review of the game at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post
    It's why I have massive concerns about Larian being at the helm of Baldur's Gate 3. I don't think they're capable of implementing a balanced and fun RPG combat system any more. And I think their wackiness may feel innapropriately out of place.
    I thought they were using D&D 5th edition rules for Baldur's Gate 3?

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    They are supposed to be, yes.

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    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Yeah, that's the problem with modern scandinavians. Not enough into raping and pilaging these days.

    Seriously, EvaUnit02, you have issues.
    Nice strawman. Just have some of the former viking spirit, not laying down and taking it from authoritarians.
    Last edited by EvaUnit02; 19th Sep 2020 at 18:27.

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    I finally finished 2 games on my PC this week that I had started a long time ago but never got around to finishing.

    More a case of pure luck and perseverance, I managed to actually get to the final boss again in Spelunky and defeat him. Although I started playing this in bursts from 2015 onwards, after picking it up as a freebie on the PS Plus' monthly PS4 games, it soon became a family favourite with my kids and I eventually lost interest in playing it on the PC.

    I also decided to persevere with Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice after giving up on it several times from 2017 onwards. Overall, I'm glad I finished the game and felt its bittersweet ending. The story, atmosphere, and exploration of a person's struggle with significant mental health issues was an experience like no other game I have played. It's just a shame that the game is let down by repetitive puzzles, interminable walking-sim sections (particularly in the middle to late game) and a horrible combat system -- yes, I know I've probably been spoilt by DS but the combat was simply dodge, button mash, dodge, rinse repeat.

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    Alongside Unreal, been playing Eco-creatures - Save the Forest a lot on Nintendo DS. If you've played any of the Overlord games, that's the best analogy I'd make. Difference being that your the good guys (fighting to save the forest), and your avatar doesn't fight directly. You get your creatures to do that. Fun game. Lots of content and a good mix of rpg elements.

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