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Thread: What ARE you playing in 2020?

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    The only obligatory shot in Mirror's Edge is the engine of the truck carrying Kate. There are some fights that are very difficult to run through, though.

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    Finished going through all of Laz Rojas's Wolfendoom total conversions for Doom 2. Absolutely fantastic stuff, though not without it's flaws (eg bosses being able to attack you the second your in frame, and some long distance battles which were a save scummers paradise, and nearly impossible boss battles in some of them).

    Enter Wolfendoom - Blade of Agony. A new total conversion mod released only a few years ago with a much more modernized style. That this was even done in the Doom engine (GZDoom Ssurceport) is amazing. Trench warfare, use of turrets, proper lighting effects, rain, money / treasure found can be used at the item shop at your home base for items and permanent upgrades, actual NPC's with conversation trees, an objectives system (with primary and secondary objectives), and so much more. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Very cinematic in places, with actual cutscenes.

    This is easily the best Doom mod that I've ever played. Very very long levels too. A glimpse into a future where if Wolfenstein 3D had been released in more modern times. Though by modern I'm more leaning in the retro-modern phase of FPS games that have been coming out lately (of games intentionally being made to look like old FPS games).

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