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Thread: What ARE you playing in 2020?

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    So I'm done with Blasphemous at last. After having a lot of trouble with Crisanta (who wasn't really that difficult in the end - I guess I just sucked after all), the end boss was a piece of cake after that. It's quite an interesting game that started off well, but ended up being not that special after all. I'm not really a fan of this sort of game design where the "normal" enemies are only there to slow down your progress between boss fights, rather than being an actual challenge. There's so much backtracking in this game, especially if you like to explore and collect stuff, so having to kill the same enemies over and over again (or trying to run past them, more like) becomes a bit of a chore at some point. The enemies that were sort of scary and cool in the beginning just become annoying. That's not how it should be. Of course this applies to a lot of games, not just Blasphemous.

    The weird and creepy theme was the main thing that carried the game for a long time and really held my interest, but after the first few (admittedly quite memorable) wtf moments there wasn't much that would shock me anymore. I think the story got a bit too weird to my liking too. And the ending... meh. :/ I got the same bad ending as icemann, and I don't think I can be bothered to try to get the "good" ending.

    Anyway, I'm being overly negative now - Blasphemous is still a pretty good game and I actually enjoyed the ride while it lasted, but I have no intention to go back to it anymore. I don't think there's much replay value there anyway, I found all the collectibles that I could be bothered to find, and getting the alternative ending isn't worth the trouble. Apart from a fairly unique theme, the game doesn't really stand out from other metroidvanias that I've played. The controls and movement is more fluid in Hollow Knight, Steamworld Dig is more fun, Ori looks better and feels more magical (I gotta go back and finish that game one day), Dust: An Elysian Trail delivers a more entertaining (and naive) story, combat is better in Guacamelee, etc... Blasphemous is just kind of average in every way, and you know, that isn't really such a bad thing.

    However, I'm still in the mood for some platforming action, so I've decided that I'm going to play Sundered next!

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    Done with Styx: Master of Shadows.
    In general it is good stealth game, it lacks some gameplay mechanics but I had good time going through it. The story is okay-ish. I like the main theme and motivation of main characters, but I don't like how situations are written and lead one to another. Feels cheap.

    The biggest isue I have are maps. Every map is used twice, leading to backtracking(every map you go through in different missions like from A-B and then B-A). I felt really annoyed by that. Also the maps feels bit empty and copy pasted with assets and how everything is placed.

    Now I'm playing Styx: Shards of Darkness
    I am at third level, I can only say everything is polished, the animations are less awkward, the maps are much more interesting. More mechanics, more secondary objectives, that encourages to explore the level, the AI is much better. I have a feeling the maps won't be copy pasted.

    So far I don't like how the main character is too over-cool. Throwing pop-culture, or more likely other video games references, and talks about how amazing he is. I feel like I am playing a game in a world of Shrek, and drinking game made out of it would lead me drunk right after finishing the tutorial. But hey, there is also Thief reference!

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