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Thread: What ARE you playing in 2020?

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    I have recently been made aware that wolves hunt in packs and goblins fear fire. About 3 million times in an hour.

    Aka. replaying Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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    Ah, pawns. They may be idiots, but they're weirdly lovable ones.

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    And they fixed all the outstanding bugs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Finished Minerva's Den. For the most part it felt pretty much like Bioshock 2, and I was wondering what all the fuss was about, but then I got to the finale. Ah! *chef's kiss* What an ending! Wonderfully paced and presented, and the way it makes earlier plot points slide into place and the whole story clicks together is so beautiful. Yeah, this might well be the most perfect of the Bioshock stories.

    I see the Bioshock Collection also includes the Bioshock Infinite DLCs, which I've likewise never played. I though BSI was pretty meh, but is Burial at Sea still worth giving a go? Am I right in remembering that it's kinda stealth-focused?
    BAS is my favorite part of the whole series (and honestly, I can't even remember Minerva's Den despite definitely playing it). Story is a bit bollocks following on BSI's ending bollocks, but the gameplay in pt.2 is the best of the series.

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    Is that a bug? It simply means they've implemented some flavour of static seed for the RNG like XCOM and XCOM 2 do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Did they fix the lobsterman technician issue, where you had to go to an alien base to find one?
    Was that a bug? If you're having trouble with them, lob alien grenades (once you have them) or just use the stun rod. It's surprisingly effective.

    Also, wouldn't savescumming make the game too easy and way less tense? I would highly encourage you to try without, even if you have to lower the difficulty. Might want to start with the first game, though, as the second one kind of ups the ante a lot (the tentaculats alone will be enough to give you some serious nightmares).
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    Okay, I watched a little bit of your playing and there are a few things that caught my eye.

    * First off, forget the dart guns. The only thing they do to most aliens is tickle them a little and even aquatoids can survive multiple hits from them. Tougher aliens can walk around like hedgehogs with no worse to wear.
    * Jet harpoons are also weaksauce and need to be replaced ASAP.
    * Give everyone gas cannons that are able to carry them. They have good accuracy and are the only weapon to really pack a punch against the starting aliens, especially gill men.
    * Do equip and use grenades and explosive ammunition (carefully in terror missions, of course). Your soldiers are not all that accurate starting out, but they don't really have to be with explosives -- if an alien is standing against a wall, it really doesn't matter if you hit the alien or the wall behind it.
    * Starting from gas cannons, you can knock holes in walls and it's often a good idea to make your own doors.
    * You can open doors without walking through them. Right click behind the door when facing it.
    * You can shoot without the soldier seeing the alien, as long as you have a line of sight. You can kill enemies across the map that way.

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    Okay, I watched the rest of the video and a few more things:

    * Don't leave your guys in the open where the enemy can take potshots at them at their leisure. Forget reserving time units for snap shots, especially when your soldiers have really crappy reaction (and it won't improve for a while). It is better to be out of time units, but hunkering down behind a corner or an obstacle than out in the open with time units to spare.
    * Remember where the aliens are. Don't just ignore them and let them wander around. During the alien phase, when you see movement, make note of the place it occurred -- that's the direction you want to pay extra attention to.
    * Use squad tactics and sweep the area. Don't try to do everything with one soldier. Use one soldier to spot the enemy, then others to take them down. Remember, you don't need for your soldiers to be seeing the enemy, just make sure they have a line of sight to take a clean shot.
    * Gauss rifles have one big advantage -- their auto fire. Make use of it. It might take more ammo, but it's relatively cheap to produce and the chances of a shot hitting are often better with auto. And use it to knock down walls, since gauss guns often need a few hits.
    * Gauss weapons might be relatively decent early game, but IIRC they are completely ineffective against some types of enemies. I don't think they can even damage lobster men, for example.

    You can play like you want, of course, far be from me to judge how other people play games, but loading over and over again, moving your soldiers in a bit different way and hoping to hit / not get hit this time doesn't seem like it's a whole lot of fun. And the stakes are a bit more higher when the outcome isn't pre-determined.

    And use grenades, seriously. And it's not a bad idea to keep a gas cannon guy around with phosphorous rounds for those pesky night time missions.
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    TFTD always has been special in this regard. That's why it's a good idea to pack lots of explosives and at least a few stun rods -- lobster man favourites. Otherwise, you'd have to resort to scavenging the battlefield.

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    I have a lot of nostalgia for this stuff. Lots of nights playing this and Alone in the Dark and watching stuff like the X-Files and Outer Limits on the TV. For me, the game counted as real horror, even on a shoddy black and white CRT screen.

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    I never really got into Terror From the Deep, even though I loved Enemy Unknown. I can't remember exactly why that was, but I do remember TFTD being somehow hellishly difficult. Enemy Unknown was already a tough one, but damn, TFTD was something else. Or am I just imagining that it was much harder? I also remember not really liking the underwater maps in most missions, so I don't think I ever even got very far in the game.

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    Believe it or not, there are actually mods that make it harder, but yes, it was notoriously more difficult. Not only are your own weapons weaker (nothing like those infinite ammo laser rifles), the aliens are much tougher and much more lethal. You need to be screening your soldiers for best recruits and get proper weapons ASAP if you want to stand on equal footing with them. And if you're playing without savescumming or without saving altogether, you absolutely need to use tanks / rookies as cannon fod scouts. Just equip your crappy newbs with primed explosives as a dead man's switch and taking on those tentaculats / invading USOs gets much more managable until you unlock mind control and can use aliens for that purpose.

    Also, those lobster man terror missions are actually not all that hard, if you do them in the right way:

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    Yes. The alternative is possibly spending hours looking in every small closet, nook, and cranny and face the room of death in the second part. This mission is bullshit and you're better off taking the reputation hit by landing and aborting (better than ignoring it altogether).

    Here's what the alternative looks like:

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    I see you're still not fully convinced about auto-fire. Just a quick demonstration... at 15:27 you take a snap shot at 36% accuracy and 17 TU. An auto shot would have costed just 5 time units more and the chance of not a single one hitting would have been ~37% (0.72*0.72*0.72=0.37), which means the chance of even one shot hitting would have been nearly 63%, even better than taking an aimed shot with the same gun at 56% and 34 time units.

    Also, IIRC the fumes/smoke doesn't hurt your soldiers, but they do accumulate some stun damage when spending turns in there.

    Bunching your guys together at 1:10:00 was just a beautiful prayer circle asking for a grenade, and the game delivered.

    You might want to scavenge the battlefield when facing tough enemies. Don't just leave grenades lying around at enemy corpses when they could be used for cooking some fine lobster.

    Might want to pack at least a few stun rods. They are very cheap and help both in melee as well as help with people control in terror missions. Remember -- a good civilian is a civilian lying at your feet, unconscious. And lobster men are extra vulnerable to both melee and stun.

    The next part might possibly be of the toughest rooms in the game. If you're lucky, you might get away with only half of your squad killed, depending on the breaks.

    Not that it really matters if you just save and load through it, though. Look, I'm not saying this to be mean, but the constant saving and loading to get the optimal result just doesn't make for very riveting gameplay.

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    That video is unavailable for me - it says that it's private, and I can't watch it.

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    I've been wanting to replay Assassin's Creed III (in the remastered version) lately, for various reasons, masochism being just one of them. However, the game runs so poorly on my PC (and sure, I've got an ultrawide 1440p screen and the settings were all at max, but I do have a 9900k and a 2080 Ti, so the game has no excuse to run somewhere around 20 fps), even after tweaking the settings, so I decided that Connor can get lost, at least on PC. This morning I started the Red Dead Redemption 2 story instead, and the game runs smoothly and is utterly beautiful, which makes it all the more ridiculous that the AC3 that came out last year and that looks so much more primitive than RDR2 runs at about a quarter of the framerate.

    Those games are mainly for the mornings before I'm off to work, though. Mainly, I'm still savouring my replay of Kentucky Route Zero. I finished Act II over the weekend and am looking forward especially to Act III and *that* moment.

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    Out of interest, how many hours of gaming do you cram in before work? And are you often late getting to work as a result?

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    Not much. I mainly wait for my wife to get ready, as we work in the same part of town, so I usually get 30-45 minutes of gaming done in the morning when I feel like it. When she's done, I'm done, so I'm not late as a result - but then I don't have to be there by a specific time. As long as I'm in by 9am, everything's fine, and if it wasn't a regular thing I could even go in later, as long as I put in my hours.

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    That AC3 issue is baffling since your system should be able to just brute force even a terribly optimized game, but some people have solved the same problem by setting the application-specific options for "maximum performance" (or whatever it's called, I have an AMD) in the Nvidia control panel. Could be some weird driver bug, dunno.

    After a few weeks of being obsessed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild I finally "finished" it. That is I beat Ganon; there's still a bunch of side stuff to do if I'm so inclined, but I usually lose motivation in these things after finishing the main quest, which is why I tried to do everything before rolling over Ganon with my ridiculously overpowered Link. I finished all 120 shrines and the DLC shrines, but found the Master Sword trials too annoying to bother with. They plonk you into a series of twenty or so levels without any of your equipment, and if you die before reaching the end you have to start from the beginning, and it takes too long and is too easy to mess up in that I didn't find it particularly fun. I also only found about 100 of the 900 (!) korok seeds, and while a lot of them are cleverly hidden and the little thieves are pretty cute I'll pass on that. Either way I really got into this game, and have that slightly empty feeling now that it's over. Maybe I'll harness that feeling for a replay of Disco Elysium.

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    The game does have bit of a learning curve. The main thing is to get behind obstacles and to manage time units -- know exactly how much each action takes and plan accordingly. For scouting, it's a good idea to bring a tank along and it also comes in handy when you want to capture deep ones, since they can't really damage it.

    Also, screening and training soldiers is quite important in the long run. Hire a whole bunch, keep the best, and try to have rookies get the first killing shot, so they can get experience. And until you can get psi training to weed out psionically weak soldiers, fire anyone who gets mind controlled on the first turn.
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    I am also playing arthouse trucking sim Kentucky Route Zero. Finished Act 3 yesterday, it was super-long and really kinda bleak by the end.

    Also picked up The Outer Worlds for PS4, gonna get into it this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Don't they get better at that stuff over time? Like get better mind resistance, ability to do MC's themselves etc etc.
    Nope. Psi skill you can train, but the resistance stat is fixed for life. Likewise, energy recovery is fixed for life (initial TUs/3, rounded down). Also, bravery is somewhat difficult to improve, since it essentially requires you to get soldiers killed.

    Every primary stat (react, fire acc, melee acc, throw acc, psi skill, bravery) you can improve by taking relevant actions that increase them (taking react shots, firing and hitting, meleeing, throwing, using psi skill, resisting panic) -- 1 action gets an increase of 0-1 points, 3 actions 1-3 points, 6 actions 1-4 points, and 11+ actions 2-6 points. So, for example, if you want to improve throwing accuracy, have every soldier throw an item to another 3 times.

    Secondary stats (energy, TUs, health, strength) improve whenever you have taken any primary action in mission other than throwing, no matter which one or how many times you do it.

    Reaction is more important than you'd think -- it not only allows you to get reaction shots, but also determines who gets to go first in a situation. So if you encounter an alien during your turn and it is aware of you, both of your reactions get compared to determine whether the alien gets a reaction shot or not. The effective reaction stat is a percentage of remaining TUs, so a unit out of TUs (eg. panicked) never gets a reaction shot and a unit with full TUs gets the full chance of whatever their stat is.

    Firing accuracy improves any time you hit a hostile enemy (mind controlled aliens count as friendlies) and one getting caught in the blast of an explosive shot counts as a hit, so it's not a bad idea to give your rookies either explosive weapons or weapons capable of auto fire. I usually keep them around near the starting position so they can take the first shots whenever one of the squads combing the map sees an enemy.

    Melee accuracy is a pointless stat, since every melee weapon has amazing accuracy anyway.

    Throw accuracy is so trivial to train you might as well do it on your last turn or whenever a squad has reached the end of their route.

    Psi skill goes up so fast (and gets trained automatically in psi labs), it's almost no effort to train. And once you get the amps or whatever they are called in TFTD, you're a master of the battlefield anyway, so you get many many chances for it.
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    Yeah, no, it happens automatically, if the soldier's reaction level is higher than the alien's and there are enough TUs. And it's always a snap shot, so it retracts whatever percentage TUs it costs from the reaction level. Same goes for aliens -- once they get a reaction shot, their reaction level decreases.

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    Yeah, even before I got the game, I read about it in a book / gaming guide (it was before WWW really took off) where they had all kinds of strategies and little tricks to give you an edge. Like for example you never have to do terror missions at night, because they will not disappear while one of your crafts is targeting it. And explosive blasts don't expand upwards, so grenades cannot hurt your or enemy flying soldiers.

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    Spiderman on PS4.

    27% into the main story now and what a fun game. The movement is really great. The modelling of the city is amazing. Very well done and two thumbs up so far.

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