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Thread: What ARE you playing in 2020?

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    See, I reckon if they got rid of the whole RPG silliness, the game would be a LOT more enjoyable, and much better for co-op. But I would also say the same for Destiny / The Division / etc.

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    I'm torn on this. With Dying Light I enjoyed learning new skills, but I first had to reach a certain level and have a number of skills to make locomotion and combat enjoyable rather than clunky. At their best, the skills represented a wider, more varied set of tools to deal with the world of the game and the obstacles in it. However, once I got to the point where combat pretty much turned into superhero silliness my enjoyment pretty much stopped, and the grappling hook also kinda ruined my enjoyment of getting around. I like well-done parkour in games, I like its physicality. The grappling hook replaces much of this.

    What I definitely don't enjoy is RPG The Division-style, where for the most part skills are all about combat and the combat itself is mediocre at best, and where the toolset pretty much consists of minor variations on a handful of types: DPS, area damage, damage types, that sort of thing. I hate RPG mechanics that are all about higher HP counts, resistances and bullet sponges. There was little of interest to me in The Division's combat and skill trees, it was mainly about being prepared to tackle enemies with more hitpoints that had to be hit with bigger and badder guns.

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