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Thread: Darkfate fan mission site temporary suspended

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    Darkfate fan mission site temporary suspended

    For over a week now, the Darkfate website which is one of the best resources to get the latest info about fan missions for all the Thief games including the Dark Mod is currently down. I click on the link to the site and it tells me, it's temporary suspended. I wonder what's going on there? Don't know where or how to see the status of how the site may be affected in 2020. If anyone knows about anything, let me know. The other fan mission sites are not really up to date like Darkfate is on a periodically basis, so It's hard to find something equivalent as a replacement.

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    Yeah I was really bummed to see it down too, I use it all the time so I hope it's not down for good.

    Now when you go there it redirects to a placeholder site with

    Who ran that site?

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    Same here, hopefully it will be back up soon. Yes, it takes me to a site with I don't know who runs the site, but it's based from Russia. Maybe the U.S. is trying to crack down on international websites especially from countries that may feel suspicious and dangerous especially Russia, since it's a security problem in this world we live in unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcmike1489 View Post
    Maybe the U.S. is trying to crack down on international websites especially from countries that may feel suspicious and dangerous
    Stop drinking: holidays are over

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    There's already a similar thread regarding this issue:

    I don't know who runs the site, but maybe Clearing can shed some light?

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    I'll contact Clearing and see what he knows.

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    Yes, the holidays are over now and 2020 is here. Oh really? I did not see a similar thread to this topic. So, this guy named Clearing is the webmaster for the Darkfate site I see. Well, we shall see what he can do to fix it.

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    I had the same issue looking at it from the Czech Republic. Hopefully, the site will continue, it was great...

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    Yeah, we shall keep our fingers crossed. I enjoyed it very much as well.

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    Any news from Clearing?
    That site is priceless.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by maga View Post
    Any news from Clearing?
    That site is priceless.....
    Still nothing, the site is showing a page not found 404 error message. Don't know when or ever will be fixed. I'm waiting for an answer as well.

    Update as of 1/5/20 Site is working again! I just checked on the status and everything is up and running like normal as before.
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    Some files are probably not available for download right now, please keep patience. Nothing has lost. Repairing is in progress...

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    Oh ok, thanks for letting me know. I didn't even notice since I haven't download anything as of late.

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    Cool, glad to hear. Well, I'm waiting for new FMs to be coming out soon so I can download them.

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    Taffers is not going anywhere and is up to date on the fan missions i think.

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    Dark Fate will be uploading some new FMs soon, especially for the 20th Tafferversary of Thief 2: The Metal Age that will take place at the end of March.

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