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Thread: CS 1.6 Dedicated Servers

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    CS 1.6 Dedicated Servers

    Hey Guys!
    Sorry If I am creating a duplicate thread but I need assistance in regards to CS 1.6 dedicated servers.
    That I have created the dedicated server but I don't know which IP should I give to my friends whether it is from What is my IP tool or the IP which we get from the cmd prompt.
    I am a bit confused because I have created servers 2 times and both the IPs didn't worked.
    Or is their anyother issue that I am countering.

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    Do you understand what "private addresses" are ? Do you understand what NAT is ?
    Are your servers in a data-center, or at your home ?
    Are they behind NAT or not ? Do you control the box that does NAT ?

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    You might want this handy tool:

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