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Thread: GOG ver of TG.. fan missions?

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    GOG ver of TG.. fan missions?

    okay.. i recently got the GOG version of Thief Gold (which was a literal steal at 87 cents during their winter sale..)
    thing is, I dont know how to play TG fan missions on it.. (far as I can tell, the game itself works thru "GOG Galaxy")
    do I use DarkLoader, or something else??

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    Yes you can use GOG much like a CD install of thief. Install it to a directory on your computer, and then use tfix to patch it up. At that point you can use FMselect, which comes standard with tfix, or you can use NewDarkloader or Angeloader—whichever you prefer.

    GOG doesn’t need to work through GOG galaxy. You can also just download the installer file directly to your computer. This might be easier.

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    thanks... that helps a lot

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    Definitely use TFix and definitely don't use the old Darkloader. There are now 3 alternatives (FMselect, NewDarkloader and Angeloader) which all work better with NewDark.

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