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Thread: Campaign Spanning Entire Trilogy

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    Campaign Spanning Entire Trilogy

    Just wondering if anyone has ever made a campaign / trilogy of FMs that spanned all three Thief games? Obviously it wouldn't be a "campaign" in the sense that the missions load in automatically, but again, I think this could be a neat idea and was just curious if it's been done before?

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    I have, in a way, but using TDM instead of T3.
    1) Prowler of the Dark (TDP)
    2) Return to the City (TDM)
    3) Fiasco at Fauchard Street (TDM)
    4) Bad Debts (TMA)
    5) Disorientation (TMA)
    6) Rose Garden (TDP)
    All these missions are loosely connected, and form a plot set before the events of TDP.

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    There are some story elements connecting my and Random_Taffer's FMs The Drymian Codex, Death's Cold Embrace, Godbreaker and multiple upcoming works including The Broken Goddess, taking place between T1 and T2.

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    Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify, what I mean is like, a set of three missions, the first one being for Thief 1, the second for Thief 2 and the third for Thief 3. Not so much about when they take place but running on the games themselves. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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    Considering there's only a handful of missions for T: DS, the answer is almost certainly "No". It's a very different level editor as well (and not so friendly to work with, from what I gather). But between T1 and T2, there would be a number of examples, I guess. "Calendra's Cistern" and "Calendra's Legacy" being an early example. Somebody just needs to make Calendra's Something on T3's engine now...

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