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Thread: anyone into e-bikes? looking for a component

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    anyone into e-bikes? looking for a component

    bit of an odd request, but hey, what do I have to lose - a (non-english speaking) relative is looking for a replacement e-bike battery (this is the original, and he is trying to find out whether it's possible to order them cheaper somewhere, as 1300E is a bit too steep).

    if someone has an idea (meaning, a solid place that sells them at reasonable price, and ships to central Europe), I'm all ears - thanks.

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    Not familiar with e-bikes, but in the states you'd generally just have to go to the original source. They're a relatively recent market so you don't have a huge secondary market the way you would with something like Harleys.

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    I'd ask in the ebike subreddit.

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    I'll probably try, thanks.

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    I quick search in the USA found a number of vendors selling them for about E1100. Still expensive, but less than 1300 E. Import taxes and whatnot may suck up the difference. It looks like a very “Specialized” part - pun intended. Maybe a retrofit can be done to use a generic battery not fitted into the frame. Best of luck.

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    If the original battery is not needed any more, you could try and open it and see what's inside. I wouldn't be surprised if it uses off the shelf 18650-type batteries. If that's the case, you could just swap out all the batteries inside for new ones. You'd have to know your way around Li-Ion batteries a bit, of course. You'd need about 70-100 batteries, which would come to 300-600 Euro.

    Or if you can live with a smaller capacity battery, you could get this 500Wh one.

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