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Thread: How to ajust mouse click spatial tolerance

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    How to ajust mouse click spatial tolerance

    All right you tremendously talented technical taffers, this has been bugging me for several weeks now. I love my new mouse, it's a Glorious Model D, and it is super light, super accurate, and super skatey.

    One of the things I've noticed is it likes to slip a little when I click a button. Just the little bit of downward force is enough to shift it slight a pixel or three, and it doesn't seem to be much of an issue in games, which is what it was designed specifically for. But, I have noticed in Windows, especially when trying to click on really small things, or lining up brushes in Dromed, etc, it tends to move just enough to trigger Windows' built-in spatial tolerance, and it decides it's going to ignore that last click because certainly I didn't mean to click there...

    There used to be a setting in Windows, not sure which version, maybe it was 7 and earlier, but you could adjust that tolerance. Or so I thought. Maybe I'm misremembering.

    I found a setting in Win 10 that deals with spatial tolerance, but it's only for tablet mode, which I don't use on my PC. Is there something I'm missing?

    And this isn't the double-click distance, it's the one that deals with a single-click on something. It's similar to the setting for the double-click, but this is different.

    Maybe it's a lost cause. I could try maybe roughing up the little slickpads on the bottom of the mouse, but I already added the secondary pads that increase the drag on the mouse pad. Maybe it's time to get a less slick mousepad. I'm using a Razer Speed pad, and it's not really all that slick. It's textured a bit. It is also quite old, and I've washed it once to try and get out some of the dust and hand "gunk" that builds up over time in the fibers.

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    It seems like these days, with the much higher screen resolutions we're using, then any little slight "skid" of the mouse is enough pixels to prevent a click from registering. Will probably show back up in a future Windows update, but for now, it's hopeless, except for "downgrading" my mouse, or consciously moving it slower and not trying to click "on the fly".

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