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Thread: generate subtitles for a video?

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    Registered: Sep 2004

    generate subtitles for a video?

    any free, working tool out there that would allow me to generate subtitles for a (35 minute long) video? quality is not important, timings are. googled a bit and even registered at a couple of places, but as soon as I got to the generate subs&download button everyone was "yep, this is where you buy the pro version". which is an overkill for a one-time task.


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    If it's going to be uploaded to Youtube, they have a tool to autogenerate subtitles.

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    yeah, that plan didn't work out - I have the video uploaded for about week now, still no auto subtitles, and there is no "how about you generate them NOW" button. as far as I can tell, a few parts of the video not being in english and the accent on the english parts is too much for youtube to crack.

    tried to upload a bit of the english segment - a guy introducing family members in fairly decent english, and the subs did generate, but the detected language was portugese, and when I put the generated text into a translator, it started blabbing about undermining bad boom-boom people cells in London, I kid you not - hope MI5 was not listening. thanks, algorithms.

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    If it's just a one-off task, it's not a really that big of a deal to make them yourself with Subtitle Edit. It even has the waveform to help.

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    that's what I'll probably end up doing, but I'm open to ideas in the meantime.

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    oh yes, this is a pita and a half - getting one minute subbed properly takes about 15 minutes, so with a 35 min video, I'm looking at some 9 hours of excruciatingly annoying work, give or take.

    note to self - lets not volunteer for work I have no experience with, EVER again.

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    This won't help with timing, but you can probably generate the raw subtitles by using Google Doc's speech-to-text feature (Chrome only).

    With some driver trickery it's possible to redirect any audio source to a virtual microphone so you don't have to get a physical microphone involved.

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    I'm all but done at this point, so I probably won't even check (I'm pretty confident I won't be poking anything similar anytime soon), but hey, maybe someone else will find it useful.

    and considering the nature of the clip, I don't think auto-tools of any kind would help much - I'm guessing they can do a decent job under ideal circumstances (perfect English, no interference), but in the case of a chaotic video taken with mediocre equipment, and people talking over themselves in half a dozen different accents and two languages, not so much.

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