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Thread: Arx Neuralis Graphics Upgrade

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    Arx Neuralis Graphics Upgrade

    I've been greatly enjoying the new life this awesome graphics/texture upgrade brings to Arx Fatalis! Highly recommend using this:

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    That's pretty interesting! I'm not sure I like the upscaled textures better than the originals (going by the screenshots), as they acquire a kind of sharpness which feels a little off; but it's remarkably effective and impressive in any case. Thank you for the heads-up :)

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    No problem

    I think the method used is similar to what Akven has been doing with ESRGAN to upgrade all the textures and videos for Thief Gold/Thief II/T2X/ and now Thief III

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    "upscaled to 16x resolution with neural networks" That's pretty amazing.

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