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Thread: Gloomwood just came to my attention and it looks SUPER AMAZING!

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    Gloomwood just came to my attention and it looks SUPER AMAZING!

    This game looks brilliant. It's obviously Thief inspired but is also more of an immersive sim like System Shock (so don't cry foul at those clips showing the guns and stuff). It seems to be a single guy's labour of love for the most part but also that the developers of Dusk (awesome Quake-style retro campaign/DM FPS, check it out) are involved in some capacity. I honestly can't freaking wait, every tweet with another tiny clip showing off a new feature makes me even more excited and hyped for it. I really hope it can somehow stand up to the greats.
    Check the twitter/tube accounts involved n the posts above for more. Low fidelity graphics aside I get the feeling this guy knows what made the classics we all love great and is also doing a great job in recreating what's necessary while adding his own fresh twists and vibe on top.
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    It's looking great!

    AFAICS the only other mention at TTLG was a year ago.

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    Yeah, I figured a new thread with a more general title than a specific interview was in order. In recent tweets they've said it's coming "soon" too, whatever that means exactly

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    I'm very confident about Gloomwood since I looked his youtube's channel >
    And yes Dusk is awesome, as this one I hope that devs will give a toolkit mod at disposal to players who want create custom maps.

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    That certainly looks very interesting.

    I think I'd seen some of the earlier videos (the sound propagation one), but the progress since then looks very promising.

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    Saw this somewhat recent article on the game. Yeah, I'd say I'm interested:

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    There was a recent interview with the developer that I found very interesting. He even talks about his favourite Thief Fan Mission (and it's the same as mine!)

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    Here's the first extended gameplay footage. For some reason the timestamp won't embed, so just click forward to 1:12:37 to see the Gloomwood gameplay demo.

    It's pretty amazing how much it looks and feels like Dark Engine era Thief. Obviously, it's not exactly the same (there's a shotgun, afterall), but it's still the closest thing I've ever seen to a real Thief-like.

    I've been following Dillon's posts on Twitter for a while, and it just feels like he really gets it.

    That he is also working on Gloomwood with the Dusk developer and has the New Blood Interactive team supporting him also gives me hope. It all seems very promising to me, but I guess we'll see.

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    Trailer and demo are out.


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    Playing the demo makes it obvious how much the developer loves Thief. Granted as of now the game lacks Thief's excellent 3D audio and the enemy AI seems a little basic but there is plenty of potential here.

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    Maybe I shouldn't have played on the hardest difficulty, but it has some problems for me.

    You can't save freely and there are zero health items, so I spent the last half of the demo with 1hp and having to put up with the jarring sound of my leg bones crunching every time I walked because I was injured, plus permanent red mist around my eyes.
    The bone-crunching sound reminded me of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth - not generally a bad thing - but got very annoying very fast.

    It's also pitch black in some areas, which makes it nearly impossible to navigate. You can't turn on your lantern without alerting the enemy, but can't see anything in order to sneak.

    I had to give up on it for now.
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    Went back and tried it again. Was much less frustrating a second time around on the second-highest difficulty, plus some excessive adjustments to the brightness and gamma in the too-dark area.

    Despite being jokingly called "Thief with guns", it isn't really. It plays more like a survival horror game than Thief, though the inspiration is clearly apparent, especially in the art style and level design.

    The level design is pretty good, fairly linear but the area is filled with lots of hidden nooks and crannies.

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    I took a cue from you and played on the second hardest difficulty as well. Damn, that last underground bit was tough! 77min playtime for me.

    But yeah, this is good. Great blend of Thief's aesthetic and gameplay with slick, modern flourishes here and there.

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    If I was judging it as a Thief mission, I'd say it's a bit too linear, but then it is only a demo.

    Maybe I should have played it on a harder difficulty because I didn't think the stealth was especially challenging. There were only a couple of situations where you couldn't just isolate every enemy and quietly kill them.

    These are nitpicks though; it's a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it, and hopefully some big sprawling non-linear levels.

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    I specifically decided to login and check if anyone had heard of this game. I am not disappointed. I just recently heard of this game not too long ago and have been following the developer on twitter. The visual aspects gave off HEAVY thief vibes.. and it makes sense too, because obviously the developer stated it was inspired by those games.

    There was even a stream on twitch not too long ago from them where the devs were playing a thief anniversary contest mission and also discussed development of Gloomwood/game design in general.

    I have yet to play the demo but it certainly sounds interesting. I see Nameless Voice had some issues.. that's a bummer. Hopefully they rectify those things. I mean, it is after all a demo, so perhaps they will address those things before it comes out in full form.

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    I do really love the aesthetic. It feels like Thief meets Bloodborne in the mid 90s.

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    Played full route on normal(half moon), and goofing around on hard(full moon) and extreme(blood moon). The initial feeling it is like wearing a pair of brand new shoes, that are as comfortable as your well used favorite pair. And that I am playing a very intricately modded fanmission. On normal, ai feels very very like the thief ai, on harder difficulties they have extra spice I would like to try. The aesthetic is very Thief with tablespoon of Bloodborne, and the map navigating and gameplay puzzles are very like Resident Evil mixed with metroidvania and a bit of Thief. I love it, and I can't wait to see the full game.

    My main issues so far are, the textures on character models are very simple and lacks of detail, the environment has, and the map is... empty, even when modern engines with such simplicity style allows for extra cluttering of space (like plenty of fanmissions on newdark are cluttered and playable). But since its on alpha, I believe on finished game, it will be much better.
    The amount of Thief references in demo itself are amazing. Wonder if its so heavy just for demo in hype, or the whole game will be packed with it. Only playing the finished one, will bring answers.

    From what I see, the game will focus on "actions has consequences" in gameplay, from mundane feature the bodies thrown to toilet will be found in sewers, the gunshots will spawn enemies from nearby to a place to investigate, to a rumor(?) feature, there will be a special type of enemies that will appear only when body count will be high. Really nice feature since in most games the consequences are there but not really.

    All we need is to wait patiently, and I am willing to do that.

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