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Thread: Making spirals stairs around a cylinder

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    Making spirals stairs around a cylinder

    I have a few cylinders with stairs cut out of them in the level I'm working on. The way I did it was to use wedges fanning out over the cross-section of a solid cylinder, I recently noticed something looked off about it though.

    It's the same area in both red circles, by the way. As you can see, the wedges don't line up correctly with the vertices of the cylinder. Also, the stairs aren't evenly-spaced and it's quite noticeable when you run down them.

    Does someone know some general tips / a tutorial for making perfect stairs that go around a cylinder/tower structure?

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    Do you mean you want to have the stairs line up with the edges of the cylinder?

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    Show us a wireframe views of entire staircase.

    I normally would use a 3-sided cylinder for a step as opposed to a wedge. This way its shape is an isosceles triangle - not a right triangle. Rotate them by the same angle. Dromed prefers angles that are divisions by 2 of the right angle - 90, 45, 22.5 etc... Then if you use let's say 16 of them to form a full 360 degree cycle, make your cylinder/tower also 16 sided.

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    Add a Solid->Water cylinder over the whole thing.

    Then add a Solid->Air cube around everything.

    Then duplicate the Solid->Water cylinder and change it to Water->Solid.

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