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Thread: The Scarlet Cascabel (Updated to Version 2 - Feb 10, 2020)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwl View Post
    do you have to meet the loot requirement to be able to get into the mill seems like I have been everywhere. out right spoiler please.
    Check the mines.

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    @pwl - No, you don't need to meet the loot requirement first. Have you explored Wend's office? Bigger hint: Look for a switch that opens a passageway to her smuggling den. From there, be sure to read all readables and add the jumper switch to your inventory. Outright spoiler: In the machinery room across from Wend's smuggling den, turn on the generator. Use the jumper switch in your inventory on the power panel (now frobbable), and pull this switch to open a path across the canyon. This path with eventually lead you back to the mill.

    edit: Max ninja'd me ; )

    @McTaffer.. we're not sure what's going on either, but looking into, and will let you know if we have a solution. Anyone else using FMSel having this issue?

    @Marbrien, here is a list of pick pockets on Expert: Kitchen maid - purse, sleeping maid in women's quarters - purse, green guard patrolling 2nd floor - heal potion, Nightingale room 10 - key, Colonel Augustus room 11 - purse, Petra Xemenez room 14 - purse, Petra guard room 14 - heal potion. There is one additional item available on normal, which is the proprietor's key to his office. He can be found having a conversation near the hotel lobby, or after the convo moves to the gallery.

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    My suggestions or spotted bugs if you ever plan to release an update:

    - The game crashed after I pulled the generator switch. I had to reload the save and do it again - this time it worked correctly.
    - The Hammerite in the inn does not react to Garrett standing in front of him. When I swing my sword, however, he runs through the barred door.
    - The door leading to the room with the sleeping guy in the inn should be pickable.
    - I suggest a different ambient loop in the crypt.
    - Are there any secrets in the forest cabin? I only found two readables.

    Thank you for the updated campaign. I've only played the first level so far, but I liked it a lot.

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