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Thread: The Scarlet Cascabel (Updated to Version 2 - Feb 10, 2020)

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    I've played v2 earlier (for translation testing purposes mostly) and I actually plan another run. I like the changes in the first mission, especially entire statuettes thing. Now it feels not like simple prologue, but as a great mission on its own. I still fear that this lever in Wendolyn office is quite unobvious , but it's still a good challenge anyways. Still need to deal with Whispering Well ) I'm also interested: was that ruined "Indiana Jones-with-the-ropes like" hidden temple presented in v1-1.1 removed from the 1st mission?

    The second mission has some mostly good changes - especially the addition of detailed maps and removing gongs. I second Galaer though - there are too few guards in the hotel area and I often feel myself a bit overpowered. I especially liked in 1.1 that guard in gallery - while being sometimes frustrating he provided good challenge. While it makes sense in terms of plot considering financial difficulties of hotel owner, it still makes gameplay too easy - well, al least for me. But aside of these my whinings I think that v2 is clearly better than v1.1 and one of the best missions not only for Thief Gold but in general - for Thief games (and I include Dark Mod also - since I think of it as proper Thief game).
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    The temple from version 1.1 was removed, yes. We originally planned to keep it but just move it's location, but later chose to make the new temple area as part of the statuette quest instead. We're very happy that you enjoyed the mission!

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    Playthrough of Mission 1 in 4K with all loot/secrets/quests:

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    Thank you, Dahenjo! We enjoyed watching the video very much. Excellent job finding all the loot, secrets and bonuses! We only wish you'd talked during the playthrough so we could hear your reactions and thoughts about the mission, but I realize that some LPers prefer to do it silently. Anyway, thanks for the play through!

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    Thank you for watching and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I call them playthroughs because I'm trying more to present a fairly concise 'visual walkthrough' for the missions rather than express my reactions while playing them impromptu as in the let's plays. I'd like to think a player might be able to seek thru mine a bit more easily to find a part they're stuck in since they're more directly solutions based. Another aim is to record (as in document or archive) our wonderful Thief games & the incredible talent coming out of our fan community at high resolution that's more enjoyable to watch, both for future players & others just wanting to see what they were like.

    If you could hear me, I'd mainly be blabbering about how great everything looks after 20 yrs compared to when we started out at 800x600 on 15" 4:3 monitors, and how amazingly fortunate I am as an old guy whose grandparents described life before electric lighting & automobiles to even be doing this. You're also very lucky not to be able to hear some of my "commentary" during my practice runs, they'd throw me right off YT and you wouldn't get to see anything!

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    Haha! As a fellow old guy I can appreciate where you're coming from! I understand and appreciate your doing this as an archive of sorts, and I got that impression while watching. You were clearly making sure the player saw everything that mattered for gameplay, as well as show the surroundings and environment frequently. Most LPers, by contrast, rush straight through without taking the time to look around as thoroughly as you did.

    And while your practice runs might get thrown off YT, they would no doubt be highly entertaining!

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    Hello, could anybody please point me towards the location of the Proprietor's Key? on Expert. Also, I found a key to room 13 but I can't for the life of me find it? Any hints would be appreciated.

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    Proprietor's key is in his apartments, there are a couple ways in (look for open windows).

    If you found room 13 key you're already in it, to find it from outside you need to slash a banner.

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    Even though I downloaded this mission the day version one released I didn't play through it until today, it is most definitely worth the praise it has received. Scarlet Cascabel may not be my favorite FM but it sure is up there. The amount of work that went towards making these two beautiful mission is astounding and it manages to show through the top notch level design and atmosphere. I had to force myself to keep going during the Winter Room as it managed to terrify me. Doesn't help it was almost two in the morning when I finished it lol.

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    Very good FM/Очень хорошая FM-ка!

    Thank you for your hard work in creating FM. I really liked the pass. Good luck and creative inspiration. I couldn't have done it without hints.
    First I played the mod in V2, then switched to Thief.Gold. Everything works!!! Thanks!
    Спасибо за труд в создании FM. Очень понравилось проходить. Удачи и творческого вдохновения. Без подсказок я бы не могла.
    Сначала играла мод в Вор2, потом перешла на Thief.Gold. Всё работает!!! Спасибо!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prjames View Post
    Re: floating jade idol...

    Gentle hint: There's a reason there are moss arrows at that location.

    Full hint: Shoot moss arrows at the four circles on pillars at the base.

    - prjames
    I couldn't find enough moss arrows, but it seems you don't really need them. Just climb up to the top of one of the pillars, then jump up to snatch the idol from out of the sky, so to speak. You'll take a little damage on the way down, but it works.

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