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Thread: Teleport thrown camera

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    Teleport thrown camera

    An idea came to my mind, and it involves throwing a remote camera in a teleporter, so that you can actually see what's on the other side before you step into the teleporter yourself.

    Before I start spending hours trying to make this work, can anyone tell me if this has been done before, or if this is possible at all?

    It's for Thief 2.

    I thank thou!

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    Would the TrigRoomDeposit script work on the CameraGrenade? Create a new Room Brush that covers the area just starting at the teleporter, and then Route link the CameraGrenade to the new Room Brush. Also ControlDevice link the CameraGrenade to a teleport trap that is ControlDevice linked to the CameraGrenade. Set the Trap Control Flags on the teleport trap to Once. I haven't tested this yet so in theory I think it could work.

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    Option #1 using tnhScript:
    Another option might be tnhScript::TrapMoveRelative.
    Say your source-teleporter is located at (0, 0, 0) and the target-teleporter at (10, 0, 200). So, adding "Editor -> Design Note: x=10,y=0,z=200" would teleport the camera to the other portal while preserving the camera's original speed & orientation.

    Option #2 using stims/receptrons:
    Give your portal a new stim and add a receptron for that stim to the camera grenade.
    Configure the camera grenade's receptron as follows:
    Effect: Teleport Object
    Effect data: enter the position of your target portal

    Option #2 seems to be much simpler...
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