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Thread: What is the best way to control and manipulate SFX?

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    What is the best way to control and manipulate SFX?

    I have experimented with this for hours, and I have made very little progress. I want to know if it's possible, and how to do it of course, to make SFX like say a simple H20Fountain that just shoots water straight up and it diverges out a little, and have it controllable where you can adjust the rate, the size of the effect, how fast it shoots, and how much gravity affects it.

    There are two main properties that control the most important info:
    Particle Launch Info

    How do you create a button, or any controllable device, that makes the number of particles change? Or increase the size of the Bounding Box that emits the particles?

    I have experimented with adding Metaproperties via S&Rs, but that's pretty limited, and I still haven't actually gotten it to work. I'm assuming that since the Metaprops that I've put into the MetaProperties part of the object Hierarchy are negative numbers, and the ones that are on the actual concrete object are positive, and when I go into game mode, the negative props are immediately getting overridden by the positive numbers as a higher priority?? Do I have to remove those positive ones first somehow?

    This is just mind-boggling. Scripts are probably the way to go, but I'm at a loss as to how that's even possible. Is this a dead-end endeavour anyway?

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    If I understand what you are saying, it should be just like any other object in which metaproperties won't override properties on the concrete object. It might work if you make an FX_Particle object with no properties on it.

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    Don't know why I never thought to just try it from a completely "empty" effect. Seems like it might work. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

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    I think the particles need to be on the concrete object directly. The receptron effect will have to be 'Set property'. It copies a property from the Agent object to the Target object.
    List of properties here:
    (the final part of each link is the property name to be used in the receptron).

    Changing the particles property causes it to stop and restart which may not be a look you want (depends on if the player can see it change).

    It may look better to have multiple objects all in the same place with the controls turning them on or off with various delays to allow a bit of an overlap between states.

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