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Thread: Thief - The Dark Project Unified (demo)

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    Thief - The Dark Project Unified (demo)

    I don't know why, but I can't see this FM in Angelloader.

    "Thief - The Dark Project Unified(demo)"

    It's listed in this thread "Fan Mission Listing by Type under category T2 "Mansion/Estate"

    After putting it into my FM folder it doesn't appear in Angelloader. Also not after making it a ZIP.

    Can someone please try and tell me if it works.

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    That file is not packaged like an fan mission, it won't work in the mission loaders. Just extract it to a directory and run it standalone.

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    Note that other loaders may in fact show this and allow installation, but playing still won't work (you'll just get the original game) because as Brethren said it's not packaged like an FM. AngelLoader just has tighter measures in place to make sure an FM is really an FM before showing it in the list.

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