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Thread: Diagonal movement fix

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    Diagonal movement fix

    In vanilla versions of the game Garret reach his highest speeds when he is running in diagonal.
    Twenty years later I found a very decent fix for this diagonal speed issue (applicable to Thief 1 & 2).
    Results could not be suitable for every taste but seems quite satisfactory and coherent for my personal philoshophy of thieving.

    Relevant changes:
    a = move left normal (moderatly slow)
    d = move right normal (moderatly slow)
    q = move left fast
    e = move right fast
    w+a = diagonal move left normal
    w+d = diagonal move right normal
    shift+w+a = diagonal move left fast
    shift+w+d = diagonal move right fast
    s = move back normal
    shift+s = move back fast
    z = lean left
    c = lean right

    Copy the "bnd" file in saves folder. Once inside the game load “Diagonal Fix” bind configuration.

    Steam user “OneBuffalo” propose a toggle run/walk configuration that provides the same diagonal fix effect... but we lose the ultra creep forward movement.
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    Wow that's very cool!

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