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Thread: ☣ Coronavirus ☣

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    Yeah, one of the most populous cities in the countries wants to play things safe. Fuck them, right?

    Let's face it, no matter what happens, it's going to be the liberals fault. If LA county goes ahead, commits to Phase 3, and thousands end up getting sick, it'll be because the liberals don't care. If they keep things shut down, unemployment goes up, and suicide rates increase, it'll be because the liberals don't care.

    This isn't about who lives or dies, who thrives or falls behind. What's important is that you have someone to point your fingers at once all this is over. That's really all you care about. The suicides, the lost jobs, whatever? It all comes down to how things will play out in November. That is all that matters.

    This is all conservative virtue signaling.

    And, you know, Georgia has been open for a couple weeks now. Hell, I got a haircut last Tuesday. You know what our recovery has been like? Not that impressive. A lot of people are still being cautious. Things are still slow.

    ...oh yeah, and the state of Georgia got caught fudging their numbers to justify the early opening, not that JK would admit something like that. To abuse the parlance, it doesn't "fit his narrative."

    So it's not like throwing everything open tomorrow will fix things. We're still about a year or two away from a full economic recovery, even if LA county opens tomorrow, or two months from now.

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    Georgia be like "Let's reopen everything! Well, everything except a potentially inconvenient election..."

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    I liked how the health department released that bar graph that looked we were experiencing a trend of decreasing cases, until you looked at the dates along the bottom, and saw that they were mixing things to make it look as such.

    I mean, it's not even that clever of a deception. It's just half-assed. Their excuse for it was even worse.

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    Didn't Starker post that one a few pages ago? It would have been less than a few pages ago if we didn't have jkmerda liberally shitposting to the tune of a broken record, so I guess it's easy to miss.

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    Yeah, that's the one, and it even switched some counties around from date to date so that they would go from highest to lowest. But there are also many more less obvious ways to screw with data, including simply not reporting it.

    If anyone's more interested in the topic, there's a very neat book about how people use charts to visualise information in a misleading way:
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    In the US, Branch Covidians continue to advocate for the disease to be able to reach parents and school staff, so that they in turn could pass it on:

    “Below 25 years old the fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.00008%, or roughly one in 1.25 million . . .” Open our schools now!
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