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Thread: Reference self in Watch Link Defaults?

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    Reference self in Watch Link Defaults?

    Is that possible? Can I put anything in the Watch Link Defaults field of an archetype that will auto-populate the concrete object with its own ID?

    I want a TrolPausePt with a few more entries, such as "Go to object > self", "Face Angle > 0, self" etc.

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    For some of the selections, leaving the target field blank will achieve that effect (e.g. Add/Remove Metaprop, Add Link/Remove Link).

    I've just had a look through the leaked source code. It doesn't look like the above works with go to object (which makes sense since the object is always at its own location). The same goes for the Face Angle example because an object's always facing 0 relative to itself.

    It doesn't look like it works with Signal either, which is a shame because I'm sure there could be times when you'd want the AI to signal itself with, say, alarm, to make it searching.

    Bear in mind of course that the leaked code is from 1.18 (or maybe just after if LGS did any more work on it), so under NewDark things may have changed.
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    Good to know, thanks.

    I like to usually have the first actions of an AIWatchObj be to go to the point and face it's direction to give better consistency to whatever the AI does next. Not too much work to paste the TrolPt ID in though, I'm just always looking for the lazy solution.

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