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Thread: Thief 2 screen error

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    Registered: Oct 2004
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    Thief 2 screen error

    Hi guys, I finally got T2 darkloader to work with my moms pc, but I'm having an issue with the display. How do I upload Pictures here, so you can see?

    The top half of the screen has a bunch of red horizontal lines with some kind of red half type characters. The game is visible behind the lines, but I can't play it like this.

    Thanks for any help...

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    It probably won't fix your problem, but don't use Darkloader. It's old and obsolete. Use FMSel or NewDarkLoader or AngelLoader.

    Also - are you using a New Dark version of Thief?

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    Registered: Oct 2004
    Location: Sweden & Florida
    yeah, it's been so long I installed T2, so I had forgotten both T2Fix & NewDark, got 1.27b now.

    Been at Southquarter the last couple of Days sorting through how many I've missed since my graphic card broke in Florida, (been in Sweden 8 months on top of that, but now I'm stuck 3-4 more months cuz of Corona) Oh, about 11 FM's. Big ones too, Downloaded all of them.

    I'm surprised someone answered here. Got a quicker response over by TDM. There's a tech-support topic even for T2 & all the others

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    You probably would have got a quicker response posting in the Thief forums here. The traffic in this forum is pretty thin.

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