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Thread: Help requested: Shadow of Doubt re-edition (All Astir)

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    Help requested: Shadow of Doubt re-edition (All Astir)

    I'd like to apologise in advance for the length of this post.

    Following the support I've received with my previous thread about my upcoming re-edition of "Broadsword of Sheol", I'd currently like to focus on the development of its preceding chapter, "All Astir".

    Despite having an atypical setting (on a sailing ship), "All Astir" is easily one of the weakest and perhaps most bland chapters of my Shadow of Doubt campaign. As such, it requires the most work if I want to properly release an engrossing and high-quality re-edition of my campaign. Although it was fun to build a sailing ship, I find the initial 2002 release of "All Astir" leaves much to be desired both aesthetically and regarding gameplay. Here's a screenshot of my old mission, for the sake of argument.

    A few years ago, I attempted to simply refine the existing ship architecture for the upcoming re-edition of Shadow of Doubt. However, I was unsatisfied by the overall results (here are some screens of this attempt). Since January have been hard at work rebuilding the ship from scratch. The concept will be the same as the original "All Astir": the player must escape from the ship, and there will be a teleport system allowing easy transition from the ship to the sea.

    I'm quite satisfied at what I've achieved so far, and despite approaching some of the Dark Engine's CSG limits, there is still work to be done. So far, "All Astir" has become a kind of study for building angled structures in DromEd, and as such has been quite challenging. Brushwork is almost all done, and architecture has become so intricate that DromEd crashes if I optimize with too many objects placed in the mission. Hence, I have to be certain that all brushwork is complete before really diving into object placement. And I'm happy to say I'm almost there. As usual, my work is made and runs with T1 Olddark, but should run much better with Newdark.

    I'm open to advice, suggestions, constructive criticism, or any enquiry relative to the design of this mission.

    I'm looking for people who can help me in two ways:

    1. Firstly, as I have very limited experience on boats (and especially sailing ships), I'm interested in any practical, real-life, information regarding the structure, organisation, and what it's like to be on a 300+ year old sailing ship. If any of you have knowledge, terminological, structural, functional, empirical, or otherwise, I'd be grateful if any of it could be shared.

      For example, I'd love to better understand how the helm of an old sailing ship works exactly, or some of the more intricate or lesser known tools, and try to integrate some of this stuff in "All Astir" if possible.

      I've found some valuable sources of information and inspiration here:

    2. Secondly, as with "Broadsword of Sheol", I need help to complete "All Astir" in my lifetime. Fortunately, this time around I don't foresee any tricky scripting or technical challenges, such as the portable ladder or the broadhead arrow perennity problems. Or at least, nothing I can't handle. The help I need here will be for the custom objects. As the brushwork is almost complete, I'll soon have to consider getting into object placement. I'm looking for some custom naval or maritime objects:

      • A Scuttlebutt

      • A jointed capstan, with removable bars

      • A jointed windlass (example)

      • A "double" ship wheel, jointed, and any relevant parts for the helm (example)

      • Wooden boom brakes, similar to the ones already included on the T2 OM rigmain.bin... objects)

      • Various bitts (example)

      • Gratings of various dimensions (example), which will be used as doors. I need four different models, with the following proportions in DromEd units: 6x7, 7x7, 16x7, and 18x9.

      • Some extra rigging would be nice. Combined objects could help me gain in efficiency

      • SOLVED! A few custom lights could be nice as well, although I have absolutely no clue how they should look. Any ideas? (edit: I found some of Christine's lights to be satisfactory)

      • One of the following: a small ship's boat, dinghy, jolly boat, life boat, or yawl (example)

    I'd like to add that I'm in no rush, so if some of you who would like to help are deeply involved in contest missions or other projects, feel free to get back to me when you can. No pressure :-)


    Here are a few screenshots of my current WIP of the re-edition of "All Astir" (spoiler warning of course). Once again, feedback is welcome!

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