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Thread: How to launch/run FM's on second monitor

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    How to launch/run FM's on second monitor

    Hey all,

    I've had a look under the technical FAQ for this but can't see anything related to it, so apologies if I missed an obvious entry.

    Recently I bought a second monitor screen (designated screen 2) which is linked via HDMI cable to my laptop.

    I'm trying to launch FM's via NewDark loader but they only launch on the laptop screen (designated screen 1).

    How can i tell NewDark to launch on my second monitor (?), which is a proper 16:9 setup & much bigger, wider, high res etc.

    I've tried dragging the FM launcher over to the larger monitor before running New Dark but it doesn't help.


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    In the game menu, select Options>Video>Hardware Driver

    Your GPU should be listed twice, once in yellow, once in white. Select the white one, then press Done to switch.

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    Worked perfectly

    You Sir, are a legend.

    Wishing you all the best of health in these days of change.



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