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Thread: Best way to light textures like this

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    Best way to light textures like this

    Now I know how to use render mode "Unlit" to make the texture appear bright, but it looks kinda odd because it makes the metal part bright as well. I could add a small light in front of the brush, but isn't that bad for optimization if I do that for every lit window?


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    Putting an light in front of the window is the standard practice. I usually use an omnilight with the radius fairly small.

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    Even better, use an Animlight to give it a slight flicker.

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    Yep to animlight. Random but coherent with a subtle difference between min/max. I think I used to use something like 20/25 but it's been a long time since I fired up the 'ol camel editor.

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    Alright I'll do that then! It's the small things but I never knew that was standard practice!

    I imagine you just apply the light properties to an object then set the object to Don't Render?

    Edit: or just use a marker of course

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    HackLight (-1979) - there are invisible lights: Spotlight, Animlight and Omnilight

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    Hah awesome, I didn't even know that, thanks!

    Sorry to go off-topic; but I love your missions btw Christine. I didn't know you were still around on the forums! The Lord Ashton series are one of my favourite FM series.

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    Its always generally been accepted for window textures to be illuminated somewhat equally across the width/height of the texture. An alternative would to use a modified window object where the metal and yellow parts are two different textures... the yellow texture having the ILLUM 100 property set, but that would be very tedious work, and people usually don't study windows that closely.

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    A lesser used practice would include the WindowShade object, which has interesting properties: lit by default, it turns off when struck with an arrow or sword, while playing a broken glass sound, and has the ability to change the texture of the neighbouring terrain brush, from a lit window texture to an unlit one. I'm unsure if this works for D2 however. Here's a link to a relevant thread.

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    I don't think WindowShade works in T2. Could be wrong though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    I don't think WindowShade works in T2. Could be wrong though.
    You can redo it in Thief2. It's just the script which no longer exist but have substitutes. Instead of using WindowShade as script, you've got to use TrapTexture and Animlight combined.

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