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Thread: TMA20AC Mission Feast of Pilgrims (Mar 24, 2020)

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    The armory was for me the hardest aswell. I remember even after playing it a 2. time I had trouble finding it

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    Yeah, I finally found it. XD
    For anyone else here who may be having trouble, I'm sorry I can't give better directions than that its connected to the previous area I had trouble finding. This mission is hard to give directions in. I both kinda loved it and hated it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingMan008 View Post
    Oh, I'm looking at the walkthrough. Still can't find them. LOL
    These areas in the screenshots don't look familiar. I don't think Ive found them.

    Found it! That area I missed right next to the mechanist's tower window exit contained all but one of the things Ive been hunting for.

    Now the only thing left that I haven't found is the Armory. Ive got the code, but I seem to be missing where to put it.
    Ive really enjoyed this level but its confusing as hell for me.
    i can help with armory from start you go left up the slanted roof and i think get to next roof area and jump across ,just be sure to go up that slanted roof toward start in a window i think then up some stairs i think across a roof and wit for guard to go inside then jump onto a gargoyle statue and enter door explore area good i am pretty sure that is area,for sure you have to back track once you get code i know that,from memory nothing much n there but loot maybe and weapons?

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    This is a great mission but also really annoying. It's so non-linear that if you miss something you are gonna suffer trying to back track. The only thing that I would love to see added is the glowey thing on the map that gives you a vague idea where you are at. The detailed map though does make it possible to look around and compare to the map and figure out where you are at but it takes longer. Great mission overall, just trying to finish one of the optional goals.

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    I am replaying this great mission, which I had already tried when it came out. I am enjoying it very much and having fun exploring areas which I had overlooked. Has anyone else found any scroll that read "postcards from forbidden places"? Wandering through the rooftps, I have found one of (apparently) 3

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    Anyone else find the sassy Brother Murus? I have wanted to laugh along with y'all but it's a hard climb to find him.

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    i found him,when you first start and go right around walkway where guard is on other side,face walkway after turn and you will see a big building right there,slowly work your way around it to find a way up

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