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Thread: TMA20AC Mission Feast of Pilgrims (Mar 24, 2020)

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    Is that the secret where I have to rope down to the graveyard from the platform? I already did that and I didn't find any secret. .

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it! I just had to rope down, jump on one of the walls and look around carefully. .
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    Lady Taffer, the cemetery itself (not crypt) is divided into three parts - north, central and south. When you rope down, you appeared in central part. Brother Burus's secret is here, in central part. Just jump to the right "north" mausoleum in this central part and look behind this mausoleum. Then you should go to the mausoleum itself and do something

    EDIT: haven't noticed your message)
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    Loving this so far, though I don't even think I'm halfway.

    Surprised there's no light in the armoury.

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    I'm curious if anyone else PRESSED THE BUTTON?

    Finished, ending up getting the first objective very last. 5 hours 27minutes. Loot 5661/5938 Pockets Picked 8/8 Secrets 9/12 I loved all the roof action this mission has to offer. For those curious yes you can get down to the ground but of course this isn't intended, just fun running around down there. One of the guards responds in a weird way running off when he sees you.
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    where is the pink hammer guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    where is the pink hammer guy?
    On top of Castle Valerius. Right near the start.

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    by any chance is dewdrop in mission?

    also found pink hammer lol too funny

    4/12 secrets
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    loved this mission, thanks so much.

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