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Thread: TMA20AC Mission — Fierce Competition (Mar 24, 2020)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psych0sis View Post

    That's for the other objective :P
    oh I'm sorry didn't want to confuse anyone
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    Great job! Nice work on the lighting, solid brushwork and texturing, a fine mission overall.

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    Would appreciate being spoiled about the location of the key in the mansion that opens the door in the astronomer's bedroom!

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    Check the basement.
    Also, alternatively, you can enter this room from the outside.

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    Good mission! It's a little on the easy side, but there's a lot crammed into a small space and you certainly make the most of it. It's really good looking as well, particularly in the mansion area. This is a huge step up from Order of the Dew, and I look forward to whatever you offer next.

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    Well, that was a really fun mission. I got 3117 loot in 58 min. It's a small size mission, but with a lot of content. I really liked that you weren't scared to show that rich people are really rich. Amount of loot in rooms is really rewarding. One thing that I didn't like is that you put a lot of books and scrolls that I can't read, they are just background objects. I was especially sad that I couldn't read about Lord Thorack's discovery and his affair. I was really curious.

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    short & simple

    Neat little mission that looks beautiful. This was the second mission of this contest that I played.
    The adventure was quite enjoyable but sadly over too quickly.
    32 mins
    2691/3466 loot

    More please
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    Was looking forward to this one because I quite liked Order of the Dew from the TDP20AC. When I read in the mission info that this is another small/medium sized mission, I decided to blind ironman it. Similar to my experience when I played Schlock's Shadow Play without saving, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole playthrough. Since the mission does include a bit of rooftop climbing, I had to navigate very carefully. One mistake could end the entire run. I even fell once but thankfully was able to press the space bar just in time to mantle onto a nearby ledge. In Lord Thorack's mansion, I had several close calls with guards who caught a glimpse of me. Thief is an intense game with this playstyle.

    I had a great time with Fierce Competition! Finished without saving once after 1 hour and 11 minutes. Got 2616 of 3466 loot. I also noticed Dewdrop is referenced in the note to Lord Frederick.

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    Very well made mission! Ambient sounds were used nicely! It was quite hard to find all the objects to complete the objectives (on expert). I got 3076 of 3466 loot.

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    Short and sweet, pretty challenging inside the mansion with all the loud tiles (bit too much for my taste at times, the toilets for example).
    Nice architecture and apparently a very well hidden loot!

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    Cool mission, liked the verticality on this one. Outside area felt a bit like Thief 1, but the mansion in particular has that victorian style found in Thief 2. Loot wasn't hard to find, but I still missed around 400 loot in total.

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    Although short and well built. I really liked this one.

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    Just finished. This is definitely what I love Thief 2 for (since 2000!). A pleasant, relaxing, short but quality mission with great ambients and no annoying enemies or puzzles. I like vertical architecture within the small city section. Inside the mansion, the ambients, the relaxed atmosphere and the whole vibe is just essential Thief 2 in the best possible way. A nice way to celebrate such an anniversary!

    Only one thing that could have made it even better: a detailed story on the "affair evidence", and the astronomical study as well.

    Nice one! Keep it up!

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    Nice city mission i finish all the objective but I did not find the doll. Not too much AI in this one and it's almost impossible to be lost regarding the size of the map, very cool mission. Thanks !

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    It's a small mission perfectly implemented, maybe the first one of a campaign?

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    It turns out I accidentally placed a purse underground so maximum loot is actually 100 less than what is shown on the end screen. Whoopsie.

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    This mission has been updated to v1.1 to add support for French translations (it contains no bug fixes).

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    This is an excellent mission, very well crafted in the good old Thief style, that is a map with lots of dark places to hide, climb and explore without being stressed too much.

    Looted 2717/3466 but I'll replay that one to see if I can discover more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HavvicGames View Post
    Sidenote, does anybody know if it's possible to get a username change? I don't use this username anymore.
    You could try asking Tannar or Yandros I believe they're both mods

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    My headcanon explanation for the cheese guy is that he figured out that buying theatre props in bulk was actually cheaper than buying firewood. Or he placed the order by mistake, I suppose. Anyway, it was very funny.

    Playing through this mission kinda felt like playing a long-lost official mission, it so perfectly recaptured the mood and writing style of the original games. Loved the way it looked, sounded and felt! Also, the size was just right for me - I feel like some FMs are too sprawling for their own good. This was tight and focused. Aside from one curtained window that was a bit fiddly to get through (I believe I had to mantle to clip through the curtain), I enjoyed every second of it.

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    short and sweet mini mansion mission

    So this is the second mission of the anniversary contest I'm trying (rather late to the party!) just today. The first was Builder's Paradise, which I've yet to finish, and put on hold for a bit after an enemy randomly disappeared right in front of me and ruined my immersion a bit

    This mission, while I could see right away was not as ambitious or on the scale of Builder's Paradise was some good ol' plain fun Thief 2. Nothing super original and sticking to a tried and true T2 formula, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Quite easy and few enemies, was perfect for my style of trying to play FMs blind without loading at all, which I managed. Finished in a bit over an hour on exp., though I missed a lot of loot and had to come here to find where the doll was. I think the layout of the mansion was nicely done and I quite enjoyed the small city part with the couple of places to loot and climb through the windows along the streets. Some of the bedrooms were very well decorated. The tiles in the mansion made the few enemies at least a bit of a challenge, though I didn't need to use flash bombs or water arrows until when I could tell I was getting near the end and got lazy . One thing I disliked, if I may offer some constructive criticism, was the lack of readable books and how many objects were unfrobbable (is that a word?) which normally would be; what would have really bumped the rating of this mission for me quite a bit would have been some good writing and humor in the scrolls and books laying around the desks which were not readable, I thought those were missed opportunities. The cheese joke was great though, definitely made me chuckle, as I think I've seen one of those youtubers videos and actually got what it was. My rating for this is 3.5 / 5; I think this mission reminds me quite a bit of The Tower by Lady Rowena. (keep in mind I'm a harsh critic, I've only played a single FM I consider a 5 besides T2X : )

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    Here's my run of the level, from today:

    I enjoyed it. I would give it a 7 overall but it could have been an 8 or 9 with a longer playtime. Architecture was inspiring. Lots of visual detail, both in exteriors and interiors. The top floor of Thorack's mansion was especially pretty to me. Enjoyed the plot points as well. Would like to see more FMs from this author.

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    Another Superb mission, Thanks much. I loved this mission. This the way they are meant to be made. I know the puzzle people like it harder to find objects, but this had great balance. I say this all the time, but I'm not tinto looking at every gazilianth of an inch of a game to find some item or key. I was never into those puzzles ppl put together.
    Not into linier key hunt missions in thief, this one was not one of those, it was great. Easy 9/10 rating. Just Superb!! Your a master at this.

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    Wow, I absolutely loved this mission! Exactly my cup of tea & so well made. I didn´t manage to find all the loot, some of it must have been really well hidden. Definitely gonna replay this some time

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