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Thread: TMA20AC Mission Troubling Transitions (Mar 24, 2020)

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    Hrmm, I would have thought the textures/architecture of the buildings being vastly different would be enough to not blend together, along with the use of the banker's building/dewinder's estate as a central pillar would make it less confusing overall :P I even went so far as to make the map very precise (perhaps too much so!).

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    Perhaps I should have pointed out I meant they looked the same from the outside. As soon as I got inside, I knew where I was. I also think I took a weird route around the city, and that didn't help my navigational confusion either. Yes the map was very helpful. I do not like city missions without some kind of a map. Did you see from the list if I missed a whole establishment somewhere? Or is it just a loot item here and there?

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    it seems you missed 2 spots off the top of my head - A big mech banner you can cut inside the warehouse, in the upstairs room. The other area is another cut-able banner in the bedroom above the nave in the cathedral

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    Yep, missed those! I didn't check any banners in this mission, totally forgot about it. Although those banners didn't look bashable, so nice changeup there. Missing 200 then (with the unobtainable 10). Maybe a necklace?

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    If you could upload your save I can find the last few items for you. Based off your list it does seem you missed the ring in Dewinder's bedroom bathroom, it the crevice near underneath the open window. I'd have to check in dromed using your save to see the rest though, memory betrays me :P

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    I love snowy missions, I like the atmosphere it adds. The city exploration was fun, with good verticality, although I did get confused on where I was various times, even if the map was well made. My favorite part was the church, I liked the design of it, the feel that it's slowly being remodeled to a mechanist church. Overall, it's a fun mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightningline View Post
    Wont load. Get Running Interference, the first T2 mission every time. Using Angel loader 1.4) Every other mission works fine. I even re-downloaded it several times. Both the winrar and the 7zip. There was also a weird bug. Every time I would load it, angel loader would say Into the odd was installed. WTF?????
    It could be your Antivirus software. I sometimes have that problem with Angel Loader, and that's because Windows defender antivuris marks as false positive the file "AngelLoader_Stub.dll", and it put it on quarantine. Check your antivirus history, and find that file, Restore it, and then mark the Angel loader folder with an exception.

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    Absolutely spectacular mission. This mission is so far prob the best one of the TMA20A missions as well as "into the odd"

    Keep up the good work. and, do not take Criticism from others in a bad way, we all like things different. I could not stand "Builders Paradise" but most liked it, I'm not into linier key hunt missions, where you have to look at EVERY millionth of an inch of the game to find a way through it. But some are into extreme puzzles, other like me are into the excitement of avoiding guards and finding my way through, getting to that hard to reach place, or find a way to it.

    I think all who makes these FREE FM's deserve credit. I seem to often criticize more so, than I post positive remarks, but for the most part I like 90% of the missions.

    Being a critic, I give this mission a 9/10 or even maybe a 10/10 rating. There is always a little improvements one can do, but given the time frame to do this. 10/10 rating.

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    Quite liked this one. Were there more than four hammer artifacts to find? I ended up with 5, apparently.

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    I believe there are 6 total on Expert.

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    Normal difficulty
    1 hour and 35 minutes
    4087 of 5684 loot
    0 of 0 secrets
    0 hints needed

    8 / 10

    One sentence review:
    Troubling Transitions is only the second release by Psych0sis but already feels like the work of a veteran author, an expertly crafted mission in which players get to explore a large City district and a former Hammerite cathedral that is being renovated by Mechanists.

    • The mission has a voice-acted briefing video.
    • The snowy City district is expertly crafted. There are lots of hidden areas to discover, buildings usually have several ways to get inside, and there are working light switches all over the map.
    • Most areas are packed with details that keep thing interesting, like a table where the Mechanists collect heretical literature, a furnace in the basement where they burn Hammerite books, or one remaining Hammerite holed up on the top floor of the west tower of St. Alderson's Cathedral.
    • The design of the cathedral is great: Mechanists are replacing the old Hammerite insignia.
    • Several journals and scrolls tell of how the Mechanists are rising to power by winning the trust of the City's nobles. There are references to Cavador and the construction of Angelwatch. We get to read more texts from the New Scripture of the Master Builder. This is great worldbuilding.
    • The two Mechanist conversations I discovered about the design of the Children of Karras and about properly worshipping The Builder were interesting and had good audio quality.
    • Finding „that embarrassing doll“ and stealing the Intruder painting again was a nice throwback to Dewinder Manor from the TDP20AC.
    • On Normal, players are free to go straight to St. Alderson's Cathedral or they can explore other parts of the map first. They get to make that choice.
    • I think references to other fan missions are usually distracting, but I must admit the room where a writer was trying to come up with catchy titles was funny: "The Noise of a Taffer in an Area".
    • The scroll about "wallowing in the mistakes of the past" reads like a stab at fan mission authors who ignore criticism and repeat the same mistakes in all their subsequent releases. It made me remember the argument between Psych0sis and Cardia on the forums or that sarcastic Psych0sis post that every fan mission „is good just because it exists“.
    • It is possible to complete Normal difficulty without having to find hidden switches and without having to solve complicated puzzles.
    • I found five Hammerite artifacts (Builder‘s Triumph, Priest Head, Collected Letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Builder‘s Chisel, Rosary Beads). Even though I did not have an objective for this on Normal, this felt like an accomplishment.

    • While the map is great overall, the basement of the cathedral felt less interesting to explore than other areas.
    • The „Hammer of Dromix" is probably a reference to DromEd. The item is just a MacGuffin and there is no plot for which it is important.
    • In the briefing video, Garrett remarks that "hopefully, their prisons are as easy to get out of as Cragscleft“. Break From Cragscleft Prison is one of the scariest original missions and the torture chambers in that dark place do not look like anyone would crack jokes about them, unless they were a character in a fan mission and the author was trying to make them sound „bad-ass“.
    • I did not use a single water arrow in this mission. While not a bad thing per se, I noticed the gameplay element of having to create dark areas was missing.
    • Lord Dewinder‘s pen slipped when he wrote the note to his servants: "Also, if anything is missing when I return, there will be reprocussions."
    • I might be wrong here, but a Hand of Glory is probably not an object that would be locked away in the vault of a cathedral among holy relics.
    • The mission info file reads like it was written by someone with an abrasive personality. It was a bit off-putting.

    • In the room where the writer was trying to come up with catchy titles, I got stuck between the armoire and the candle. I had to reload.

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    Thanks for the feedback, that was a great read! Just to say though, with the Cragscleft quip I feel it actually is IN character, because he makes a joke very similar in the Strange Bedfellows briefing -

    "If I drop by their temple and explain things, maybe they'll be so distracted by the
    Trickster's return that they'll forget to hold a grudge. And even if they don't, I know
    how to get out of Cragscleft prison already."

    Otherwise, I agree with most of the other points and thank you for the feedback! And yes, I like to think I'm very abrasive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psych0sis View Post
    Just to say though, with the Cragscleft quip I feel it actually is IN character, because he makes a joke very similar in the Strange Bedfellows briefing
    I did not remember that joke from Strange Bedfellows! But I think the tone in the original game is more believable: Garrett does not say it is easy, just that he already got out of Cragscleft once and that he probably can do it again should his plan go wrong. He does not make a flippant remark that Cragscleft is easy to get out of.

    This is totally a minor thing though and us discussing it shows I did not find too many things that could be improved in Troubling Transitions. I was actually close to giving it a 9/10. I might increase my rating to that after I replay it on one of the harder difficulty levels.

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    That is true, perhaps I made it sound more jokey in tone rather than the reassuring "If I HAVE TO I guess I can" tone he has in Strange Bedfellows. And thanks!

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    God dammit, I just noticed I never credited GORT in my readme for making the wonderful snow-ified textures (the cobblestone ground and roofs). Sorry about that! Thanks GORT

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    LOL No problem.

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