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Thread: The Burrick's Head Inn v2

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    The Burrick's Head Inn v2

    I've completed all the objectives except leaving by sewers and not killing anyone but I'd like to find all the loot. I have all but 75 loot.
    Anyone have a loot list for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There's a loot list here

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    Thank you Nightwalker

    I had gotten everything but the coin near the sewer door on the floor by the time I checked the forum again.
    I had one secret left to go and felt sure I'd find the loot there and was disappointed to only find various arrorws and a slow fall.
    But now I have everything.

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    You got all the loot? Good work! That's always commendable.

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    It is far more satisfying when you complet the mission with all the loot and secrets and with little or no boddies being discovered if you knocked someone out.

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    How does this very fine mission have so few comments?

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    The mission has been published in three different forms ("The Burrick's Head Inn", then v2, then the "Vintage Edition"), and there have been about 13 threads about the different ones. Use the search function with "The Burrick's Head Inn" as keywords and "Search titles only", and you should see the threads.

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    I thought so, I was sure I played it before and commented on it here.

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