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Thread: TMA20AC Mission Where the Unknown Lurks (Mar 24, 2020)

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    Registered: Aug 2007
    Only got 1342 loot out of 3944 on exp, so I'll prob play again,. Superb mission Outstanding! thank you.

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    Registered: Mar 2013
    Location: Finland
    The architecture in this mission seemed to be carefully designed - everything looked nice. I especially liked the room where the statue was pouring water in to the pool (reminded me of Constantine's mansion)! It was unusual to make the underground area optional to visit but nevertheless that place was very interesting! Great mission!

    That maya area you had to abandon from this mission, looks intriguing! I hope you'll make a mission that has those temples and buildings.

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    Registered: Dec 2015
    Location: Germany
    I loved this beautiful mission. The little manor is impressive in its own architectural manner. It later turned out the mission was bigger than I thought...
    Well, that was an amazing and huge optional side quest!

    Very well done! My favorite so far.

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    Location: Poland
    Really loved the manor. Very original and with lots to discover.

    Also, making a particular chunk of your mission optional to explore (with its own objectives and challenges) is a design choice I really appreciate and would like to see more often in FMs. Let's turn a blind eye here on that I didn't think such underground area fit with this particular mission It gives some more flexibility to the way your mission can be played.

    Probably my favourite of the smaller missions in the contest. Kudos!

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    Registered: May 2005
    Normal difficulty
    Blind Ironmade style (no saves)
    22 minutes
    702 of 3944 loot
    0 of 0 secrets
    9 knockouts
    0 murders

    7 / 10

    • Every area feels detailed and interesting.
    • I like that the playable area is surrounded by trees, with lights of the City visible from higher above. This make the Pless palace feel like part of a larger world.
    • The mission is perfect for the Blind Ironman style: not too long, yet still challenging.
    • One hidden lever I found is not mandatory and rewards the player with easy access to the Horn of Cobbletons.
    • Because I found the horn five minutes into the mission, the mission ended as soon as I also completed the loot goal. I would have loved to explore more of the mission. It was engaging. I will likely replay this with saves and on a higher difficulty to see the rest of the mission.

    Possible improvements:
    • There is a misaligned brush in the basement, at the bottom of a slope.
    • There are some typos and punctuation errors in the mission info file.

    • A guard got caught on a flowerpot and kept walking in place like he was on a treadmill. This guard was one floor down from another guard who is sleeping in a chair in front of a fireplace.

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