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Thread: TMA20AC Mission The Pursuance Of An Inscrutable Reciprocity (Mar 24, 2020)

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    Which is why I'm making a post-contest version of this FM. It took me a while to fix the bugs, but I've managed to find what was causing the problems. Sadly, I couldn't make the deadline for that. The post-contest version will have quite a few things added to both missions. Also, there will be a third mission. However, everything will still stay within the rules of the contest aside from the deadline.

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    Thank you, my apologies for being so harsh in my critic. I was partially annoyed because this mission was already 1.2, so I expected major bugs would have been fixed.

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    need a bit of help for mission 2 i got to meet mage,now what do i do? the fist objective still hasent ticked,do i got to find real gem for his staff?,also i frobed gold gear behind glass and never figured out code for training room is that the issue,if so what is code for training room,i did everything else

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    downwinder, there should be a newly accessible room somewhere on the first floor of the mansion.

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    thank you very much grandmauden

    great set of missions,cant wait for part 3 to come out,and yes gort i did notice it was not as hard as your other missions i did try a skip mission to see,and hehe i saw you in mission in that locked room

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    Mission 1: 1h 10 minutes PP 12/12 Loot 4351/7572 and Secret 2/3
    I thought I was doing well but wow I missed a lot of loot!

    Mission 2: 1h 51 minutes PP 6/6 Loot 2565/2595 and Secret 2/2
    Did much better finding almost all the loot but that puzzle system! I did like it I just needed more clues I think to figure out what I was supposed to do properly.

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