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Thread: Smaller health bar and visiblity gem - T2fix 1.27

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    Smaller health bar and visiblity gem - T2fix 1.27

    Hi folks!

    I have a special taste for health bar and visiblity gem - I think the game and the whole view is better, more elegant if these are smaller, than in the original game.

    Just upgraded to t2fix 1.27 from 1.26. Everything worked for years, through different versions, until now. Now I cannot make the health bar and visiblity gem lower just like I did before in dark.cfg, with these settings (original was 60, my setting is 130):

    vismeter_zoom 130 ; zoom vis meter in
    hpbar_zoom 130 ; zoom hp bar in

    Since I upgraded to t2fix 1.27b from 1.26, this doesn't work and changing these settings does not change anything ingame. So in the game, I see the original, "big" health bar and visiblity gem. I tried it with different FMs, different OMs, but it's all the same.

    Do you have any solutions? Thank you.

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    works ok for me, both TG and T2 (both patched up with 1.27 patchers). didn't like the descriptions after the semicolons, but they don't seem to cause problems, it works both with and without them. placed them into cam_ext, that is the proper place for additional ND stuff as far as I'm aware.

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    I use a value of 90 myself, but like voodoo, it works fine for me in 1.27b.

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    Thanks guys!

    Strangely enough, I did the following. First I installed t2fix 1.27b with the old executables, then when I experienced the above issue, I reinstalled it without the old executables, and IT WORKS. I wonder what could have been the real problem.

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    well yes, running the game via the legacy executables will make any ND exclusive features not work.

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