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Thread: TMA20AC Mission — My Favorite Year (Mar 27, 2020)

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    Really nice mission, feels a lot like an OM! I like these type of warehouse styled missions. I also liked the interior sounds of the rain falling on the buildings. By the way, what made Serendeli's wine so special, did I miss something? lol

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    Had a blast with this one! Feels like a nice mix of Shipping and Receiving, as well as Thieves' Guild, with a hint of bafford/ramirez at times. Atmosphere was solid, gameplay was tense (lots of guards, at least on expert, with some quite thorough patrols).

    I do have a question though did I miss anything explaining the dead woman with a dagger in her back on the balcony outside the warehouses?

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    Thought this was really good as well. Id like to see a completed supreme ghost of this I had no knockouts but found it quite tricky at times. Great job

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    My Favorite Year wins in the best joke category of the contest. I was giggling for a full minute when Garrett said the line after picking up the bottle of special reserve wine. Great way of subverting expectations.

    This contest entry is a homage to Shipping… and Receiving, with some elements added from Thieves‘ Guild. Even though warehouses stacked with crates, basements and sewers are my least favorite environments in Thief, I enjoyed My Favorite Year. It is generally well built, albeit a bit basic and not as detailed as some of the other entries in the TMA20AC. The person who worked on the English ingame texts in the mission did a fantastic job. We get to read about the tenants of the warehouses and about the criminal activities of Lord Serendeli.

    There is an abundance of shadows and open spaces in the mission. This made it very easy to take out all the guards and civilians. On Normal, it was hardly a challenge. I finished in 1 hour and 16 minutes. My final loot count was 4344 of 5201.

    Here are some possible improvements that could be done in an update after the contest is over:
    • On the map screen, add a page for notes. During a playthrough, I always write down the location of locked doors and other important objects. I prefer ingame note taking to having to switch back to the desktop and writing in a text editor.
    • If you drop any AI on a bed, it floats slightly above the bed. This might be an issue in the original game as well and I don‘t know how difficult it is to fix this.
    • If an AI sleeps in the lower part of a bunk bed and then wakes up, it stands upright with its upper body clipping through the bed. To prevent this, put AIs on the upper part of the bunk beds.
    • Unless your testers specifically said they did not want to be credited, it is common courtesy to list their names in the mission info file.
    • Correct the following typos in the mission info file: „please use the FMSel, NewDarkLoader or AngelLoader play this FM“, „I did not created the mission“, „higher difficutly“, „My english-speaking“.

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    Username: the guard patrols are significantly different on Expert. I recommend giving that difficulty a go, as it was a real challenge and very rewarding on the guard front.

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    Fine little warehouse mission with a maze like level design and 38 knocked out humans. This was the third mission of this contest that I played.
    I finished in 57 minutes (on expert) and found 4686/5201 loot.
    The unlocked wall-safe didn't bother me. I would have liked to discover something secret or creepy or supernatural. I'm always a big fan of that.
    But nevertheless I enjoyed playing your mission and it's a big accomplishment to build this in 3 weeks, and I think this is even your first T2 mission.
    Well done!

    Edit: Ah btw, the real twist in this FM was, (and I really liked this...) when Garrett did not say his standard line, after finding the precious wine
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    There is an actual small twist in this one, but it is quite difficult to find and IMO should have been counted as a secret. I'm not sure why the author didn't do so.

    This mission has been updated to v1.1 to add support for French translations (it contains no bug fixes).
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    I'm not even gonna comment - wait, yet i do
    Hi, that was a nice mission I only missed secrets but this is a small thing. Loved it!
    Extra twist in the story: Serendeli's secret identity :-O that was a real surprise for me.
    Great mission

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    Nice mission

    You've gotta be impressed by Garrett being able to still sneak around and losing no agility while carrying 20 bottles of wine and a bunch of heavy statues in a bag I the only one who stops to ponder how he keeps all that stuff from clinking around?

    Played on expert and ended up with around 4400 loot after 1:50

    Shipping and Receiving is one of my all time favorite missions so I was excited by the warehouse setting. One of the things I thing this mission did best was the beginning setting and the various infiltration routes into the warehouse, via the mantle around the building etc. The large open courtyard made me not even miss a mission map because it allowed for kind of a self-survey of the lay of the land before going in (though it does seem like on a warehouse \ mansion type mission Garrett would have at the very least a very rudimentary map even if it contained many unknowns). I took a bit longer than most people to finish it seems, probably because I try my hardest when I first play a mission to complete it without loading at all (I do save on occasion in case there are bugs and what not, but rarely) so I take my time, study the best approaches, and don't rush into anything, just play things super safe. I thought it was very easy to take out all the guards playing with a blackjack because of ample shadows pretty much everywhere and this made the mission quite easy, I only had to use a flashbomb once or twice because of stupid slipups that could have been easily avoided, and I didn't really need to use any water arrows or moss arrows. Maybe a couple of better lit locations could have been a nice touch to make things a bit more challenging. At least there were a lot of guards to keep us on our toes : ) Fortunately didn't have to hunt this mission for the secret switch or other missed objects, was lucky to spot things besides missed loot the first time through.

    -good build of suspense on what was actually going on in the basement. I went in there not knowing what to expect, and thought at first it would be mages or something based on some weird sounds.
    -liked the combination of warehouse \ mansion and various infiltration spots
    -I thought the writing was quite nicely done; it really kills it for me when the writing feels artificial and ruins immersion, but I thought in this mission it worked very well so kudos to your friend who did the translation (and you if you were the one who did it in the original language)

    Constructive criticism:
    -too may shadows and lone guards made things be a bit on the easy side
    -the interior was a bit odd at times: small rooms that run one into each other without any hallways and just sometimes some rooms had many doors going every which way (how would the nobles go into their fancy rooms without going into the kitchen etc.?) The fancy parts were oddly intertwined with the servants' spots in some places. Not terrible, but I think this is where there was most room for improvement in this mission. I liked the exterior so much I wish more play time would have been spent here!
    -this is tiny but Blackheart was misspelled Blackburne in one of the letters (Blackheart on the mail sign and Blackburne in the missive : )

    3.75 / 5 stars all around solid mission

    -what is the real identity of Serendeli?? Someone might have to spell it out for me because I missed it, though I have one suspicion
    -what was actually going on between the sheriff's people and the people down here in the den? some kind of organized competition, I was a bit unclear on that as well, maybe I missed some reading material
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    Here's my playthrough of the level:

    It was a decent map, made more impressive by the short development. The environments had some nice detail. Short, simple mission, nothing mindblowing but not bad either. You could probably make something really good with more time.

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    Oh I love this one! Thief exactly how I enjoy it. I love the "shipping & receiving" vibe. When I took the special bottle I was expecting garrett to say "ah my favourite year" since that´s the title, so it was a positive surprise to hear him make a cheeky comment as usual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha1 View Post
    When I took the special bottle I was expecting garrett to say "ah my favourite year" since that´s the title, so it was a positive surprise to hear him make a cheeky comment as usual
    I actually didn't like this change.

    On a side note. I ghosted all T2 Anniversary Contest missions and I must say this one was the hardest challenge. When I played this mission casually I didn't noticed that. It's not only that guards is a lot, but also they are placed strategically. The biggest problem I had with guards patrolling only a single room. Combine them with other patrollers and suddenly it's very tough challenge to loot these places. Furthermore unlike other contest missions, this one is solid ghosting experience. It starts from entering warehouse and ends after leaving it. All floors are challenging and I had a lot of fun. And that's a really huge surprise for me, because when I played this mission I considered it to be good, but nothing special. And looks like I was wrong.

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    Morendrum was a pretty dumb pseudonym eh? If anyone is wondering, it’s me. Before I give all the details I just want to say to Username, it is indeed good practice to name the testers but I did not (and told them I wouldn't, which they were fine with) to help try and fool even more of my friends, which worked by the way! If I had listed them in the readme, it would have probably caused them to get messages and it would have been harder. Also, the spelling errors in the readme were to really get people off my scent, just enjoy them for what they are! Thanks to my english speaking friend: me.

    Now, to my wonderful testers: Dirkbogan, Korthak, Zoro, and Random_Taffer. Thank you for the quick testing in the 2~ day window I had before submitting!

    VERY special thanks to Yandros and Korthak! Korthak Blocked out a majority of the basement area (though not the thieves guild, that was a random last minute addition by me and drove me CRAZY to work on lmao) as well as helped design the awesome Victorian Bedroom (in the Purple Brick building) when I got a little burned out/had IRL duties to take care off at the worst times. Yandros made that AWESOME interior muffled rain ambient and it was so damn good. He also helped place a lot of the ambients around the map (with my approvals of each one) along with helping set up the objectives/zip when I needed it most (had the BUSIEST week of work right at the darn deadline ). Really these two helped so much get this to the end, I was just the build-monkey that put down most of the legos to begin with. Good subordinates if I do say so myself.

    While the mission might not have place as highly as I would like, obviously, it makes sense in comparison to some of the fantastic levels put out by this contest! You get back what you put in, and a rushed together mission like mine could only score so well when you have amazing works like those to compare it to. I still appreciate all the nice words, and perhaps I will expand upon this mission... But probably not.

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    Never would have guessed Morendrum was you.

    So what is the story behind the dead body up on the balcony?

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    I did that in a fit of raving lunacy. I told him he could remove it if he wanted to, but he refused.

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    I thought this woman was miss Barlow...

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    I thought it was cute, is all. A fine balcony dinner party ruined by both weather and murder

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