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Thread: TMA20AC Mission Time For Change (Mar 27, 2020)

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    This level feels very 1999-2000. It's understandable since you're just starting out. I don't mind stark level design necessarily. But in particular, I really didn't care for the mine in the basement, which ended my ironman run. That seemed like bad design to me. Otherwise, good first effort. Maybe a little more time in the oven next time.

    Edit: Here's my run of the mission (second attempt):
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    • Easy difficulty
    • 54 minutes
    • 3270 of 3815 loot
    • 3 of 3 secrets

    • A commendable effort for a first-time author. I think this is a fun, worthwhile contribution to the contest.
    • I liked the small-scale mystery of rumors about upcoming changes in the warehouses.
    • The architecture is simple, but I felt you really tried to make the rooms interesting with varied textures, decorations, and colored lighting.
    • There is ample use of ambient sounds.
    • Guards are mostly well placed. Ghosting this will be a challenge.

    Possible improvements:
    • Try to add more verticality to your next mission. Time For Change is mostly built on one flat surface.
    • Try to make the environments a bit more believable. Some of these buildings are just boxes connected by corridors.
    • Some AI are placed in buildings which they do not fit in. For example, the City Watch is patroling inside one of the warehouses.
    • There is guard journal in one of the warehouses that uses the Hammerite holy scripture background.
    • Some of the journals contain spelling errors: "He has been hear two years and haven't spoken a word."
    • A journal in the police station mentions the seven deadly sins. That is a Christian concept and does in my opinion not fit into the world of Thief.
    • I would appreciate a page for ingame notes on the map screen.
    • The walls next to the tiara atop three crates in the warehouse area need some brushwork. There are weird gaps between them.
    • If you wake up sleeping guards, knock them out, and then them drop them to the floor, they float slightly above the surface.
    • You can shoot a rope arrow to reach the top of some boxes next to where the second spider bot is parked to reach the ceiling of the mission.

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    That "possible improvements" list is very useful for the future, thanks!

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    Oh this is a really great FM for your first try! I enjoyed it alot. Great to explore and a nice little story. Definitely one of my favourites of this contest

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