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Thread: TMA20AC Mission — Show Off (Mar 27, 2020)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ticky View Post
    Ok, then what is the code?
    Have a look at the jar, not at the goblet.
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    Show Off will get a high rating in the story category from me. This mission offers more than just a simple museum heist. Well done.

    I second everything in fortuni's post on the first page of this thread. I can definitely see the improvement between The Hunt from the TDP20AC and this mission. The exterior of the Furlong museum and some interior areas reminded me of First City Bank & Trust, in a good way. Ambient sounds are used where appropriate and the professional voice acting by AndrosTheOxen adds production value.

    Like others, I thought the city streets were the mission's weakpoint. The streets are wide and most angles are straight. This is visually uninteresting. I don't think the streets add to the experience. Less would have been more here in my opinion. Similarly, the museum's basement also has a lot of straight angles as well and the curators' offices all look the same. It was not as intricately designed as the upper floors.

    Finished on the easiest difficulty setting in 52 minutes with 3516 of 4160 total loot. I did not attempt to solve the vase puzzle and did not try to find all the lost rings.

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    I just finished this one and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The museum was very well laid out and interesting to explore. Very nice!

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    Great mission, it really felt like I was playing another T2 OM. I did not manage to find all the moonstone rings and I also missed the encryptor stuff mentioned in this thread. I'm guessing there'll be a sequel, because it ends so abruptly. Oh and I found those references to other fan missions in the display cases pretty cool.

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    This was the most fun mission I have played so far. I still need to find the rest of the loot though.

    I agree that the city was too large, or actually the streets too wide, but the mission as a whole was really enjoyable. The gates at the front of the museum disappeared, and like every other mission the spot lights were wagging. Authors, when making a mission please delete the Joints properties from -468.

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    This was good fun and I enjoyed the story. Architecture is very boxy, but it's still a great fun museum heist jaunt.

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    Hi, I'm stuck. Playing at Hard (aka "Scarlet") difficulty.

    How do I get the Seer's Eye without setting off the alarm? I have a bunch of keys, but none that unlock the locks on any of those cases.

    - prjames

    Update: Thanks, Grandmauden. I missed that the first time.
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    prjames, look in the security room again.

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    Here's my run of the level:

    I thought the mission was okay, there were some cool ideas. I got a lot of "first level" vibes visually, some empty space going on. Wasn't crazy about the city streets. They would benefit from being far more claustrophobic. Museum interior was better, still felt too empty in some ways. The twist ending was neat but I would have preferred tracking the thief down and actually getting the shards. I guess that could be used for a sequel. The abundance of unreadable plaques was slightly annoying. I do appreciate the directions to the curator's house being included in the readable, though, to spare the player a lot of aimless wandering around.

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    I'll echo what others have said: this was a fun mission with a few nice extras. The rings were a bit too pixel-hunt-y for me, though I did get them all.

    Visually the city felt a bit like missions from decades past, but that also fits the theme of the contest, so it's all good.

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    Overall, the mission was fun. Short, but good.
    Still, the end was a bit disappointing - wouldn´t mind a sequel one day.
    Also wouldn´t mind some bug fixes - several NPCs got stuck(e.g. the female civilian, some city watch guards) or got on tables(a guard in the museum).

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    The storyline was very good and the museum looked stunning! Thanks for this fine mission!

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