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Thread: Two mod questions about Thief Gold.

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    Two mod questions about Thief Gold.

    Q1. Is there a way to make noisemaker arrows behave in Thief Gold as they do in Thief 2? Also, is there a way to do this in addition to the Ultimate Difficulty Mod for the Thief Gold HD v1.2 mod?

    I'm aware some people believe they're somewhat overpowered in Thief 2, but I always thought they should have some use in Thief Gold.

    Q2. Is there a way to reorder the mission playlist? For example: Say I want all of the missions to play in order, but "The Mage Towers", "Strange Bedfellows" and "Escape!" are excluded from the list. I'm aware I can skip missions with the Shift, Ctrl, Alt and End keys, but I'd prefer to play through missions of my choices in order without it feeling unnatural, if that makes sense.

    I did try painstakingly renaming every single mission and cutscene in the appropriate order. It nearly bordered on working, but it lead to a few problems. It's even more arduous with the HD Mod.

    Thank you kindly for any advice you have to offer.
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