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    Hi Guys,

    Greetings from Paris and lockdown ! Im using this time to replay my fav games EVER. I played when I was 15 on an old Compaq and LOVED them. Even have Thief 1 elemental rune tattoos

    After so many years unable to play on Macs I have ventured into port/wineskin territory thanks to a fab program by Paul The Tall

    TG and T2 work perfectly and now I'm wondering if you could help me to get the FM engine up and running on my Mac (Mojave, 10.14.6)

    I know this has been touched upon before but the responses are quite complex and I'm a literal dunce when it comes to computers.

    Appreciate the help, really hoping to be able to play some of these fab looking FMs out there !


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    Hi BennySwims,

    On macOS, I'm using the Wineskin included with System Shock 2 to play Thief and fan missions. Works great!

    I'm not sure where you are stuck, so I'll list my setup and method of installing fan missions. I hope that helps you get it working.

    • Wineskin from System Shock 2 (version 2.48 from Night Dive Studios)
    • Thief 1 & 2 (GOG versions)
    • TFix 1.27
    • T2Fix 1.27b

    To install a fan mission:

    • Navigate to your Thief folder. When using Wineskin, right-click Thief, choose "Show Package Contents", go to "Contents" -> "Resources" -> "drive_c" -> "Games" -> "Thief".
    • Create the "FMs" folder in your Thief folder, if "Thief\FMs" does not exist.
    • Create a folder in your Thief folder, such as "FMs archive".
    • Copy the fan mission ZIP file to the "FMs archive" folder.
    • Edit "cam_mod.ini". Uncomment the "fm" line. The line ";fm" should be "fm" (without the ";" in front).
    • Launch Thief.

    Now, FMSel will launch instead of Thief.

    • Click the gear icon at the bottom (the Options/Task menu).
    • Click "FM Archive Path" and set it to the "FMs archive" folder.

    You should see the fan mission ZIP file in the list. Install it. The default installation path is "Thief\FMs\{name of mission}".

    When using TFix/T2Fix, there is a FMSel PDF in the Thief folder that I found helpful.

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    Thanks so much for your help ! I managed to install the two patches fine !

    I feel like I'm almost there, the two games work perfectly and the fixes look awesome.

    I've also configured the FM file and downloaded a few FMs to test. When it comes to unzipping them/installing them and pressing play however, I'm back with the original game. Can you help for this final part ? Is there something I've missed ?

    So many thanks !

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    Quick precision, when I click 'skip FM' I do go back to the original game (and can see all my saves for example,) but when I click PLAY FM I just get the game and the first levels...

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    1. Are you using Thief Gold or Thief 2?
    2. Which version of Thief?
    3. Is the fan mission for Thief Gold or Thief 2?
    4. Which fan missions have you tried?
    5. Did you use the FMSel interface to install the fan mission, or did you manually unzip the mission files?
    6. Did FMSel install the files correctly? (e.g. "Thief\FMs\{name of mission}")
    7. Do you see any failures/errors in Thief.log or Thief2.log?

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    Hi !!

    So I actually managed to get both FMs for TG and T2 working !!

    It seemed to be a problem with the zipping part of it. I was compressing them on my Mac and obviously that didn't work, but just putting them manually into the FM folder does !

    Dead happy, thanks so much for your help )

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    That's great! I'm glad to hear that you got it working.

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    Guys, I do have good old Mac G3 333Mhz + Game Wizard (3Dfx Voodoo 2) with classic Mac OS 8.6 installed on it, has anyone tried to run Dark Engine games on such old hardware? I am pretty sure PC equivallent could run these games, but what about Mac emulation and glide drivers? Anyone know little bit more about it?

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