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Thread: Oblivion Construction Set

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    Oblivion Construction Set

    This will just be me rambling about Oblivion, to try and get more familiar with it for possible level editing. If anyone has any good links on the subject, some links would be helpful. I've already looked at some main links about downloading and using the Construction Set.

    I've been building a fan mission (FM) for Thief 2: The Metal Age for several years, and am far from finished. I've envisioned a sequel, but I'm not sure I'd want to continue in DromEd level editor for Thief 2. This is because I'm more impressed with the variety of creatures in Oblivion. If I don't go with Oblivion, I might choose something like Dark Souls: Remastered. In the Thief FM world, we have "FM campaigns", which are basically a set of missions packaged together. The sequel I'm planning would be that type of adventure, where one goal is completed and the player moves on to the next mission.

    The Elder Scrolls world is very different from that of Thief, but I understand with its Construction Set, one could revamp the entire world or make a new dimension, as I read on one internet page.

    Two main questions:

    1. If I wanted to make a new island or continent, would it need to go in a specific area? Would it conflict with anything?

    2. Do we need to get permission from 3D authors to use their assets, and how much of those are in the public domain?

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    I found an answer, but I was curious if anyone had additional input:

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