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Thread: Youtube Gaming Channels

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    Thing What Kicks
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    There's a new BedBananas RDR2 video which is a sort of follow up to his previous one, but now he's got his hands on mods, it's more like his HItman 2 video in terms of ambition:

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    That one is wonderful, Malf. Beautifully edited. And I'll never sleep again.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I enjoyed this one:

    It won't be for everyone: it's ruminative, verging on the poetic, it's very much about the video essayist and his own emotional reaction, but it's very much about something I enjoy in games myself, and I appreciated someone trying to put these feelings into words and succeeding better than I ever would.

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    IronPineapple was one Dark Souls Youtuber among many, his sense of humor good but not enough to keep my attention. However, in the past year he's started a series called "Souls-likes you've never heard of," which is fantastic. Most of these are student projects or glorified tech demos, but IP has a deft hand at highlighting them humorously. More recently, game development seems to have given up entirely on hiding its debt to Dark Souls, so now there are multiple high-budget games interspersed with the rest. Here are two examples of this video series.

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