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Thread: Youtube Gaming Channels

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    Thing What Kicks
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    There's a new BedBananas RDR2 video which is a sort of follow up to his previous one, but now he's got his hands on mods, it's more like his HItman 2 video in terms of ambition:

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    That one is wonderful, Malf. Beautifully edited. And I'll never sleep again.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I enjoyed this one:

    It won't be for everyone: it's ruminative, verging on the poetic, it's very much about the video essayist and his own emotional reaction, but it's very much about something I enjoy in games myself, and I appreciated someone trying to put these feelings into words and succeeding better than I ever would.

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    IronPineapple was one Dark Souls Youtuber among many, his sense of humor good but not enough to keep my attention. However, in the past year he's started a series called "Souls-likes you've never heard of," which is fantastic. Most of these are student projects or glorified tech demos, but IP has a deft hand at highlighting them humorously. More recently, game development seems to have given up entirely on hiding its debt to Dark Souls, so now there are multiple high-budget games interspersed with the rest. Here are two examples of this video series.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Found another one which gives me lots of good chuckles:
    Let's game it out

    Josh places an emphasis on trying to break games in really stupid and frequently amusing ways:

    Well worth a watch

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    Oh thanks for resurrecting this thread, I wanted to post something in it recently but forgot what it was called.

    Digital Foundry usually just do breakdowns of how the latest games are performing but last month they got a bit more ambitious and put together this mini-doc on a couple developers making games for the Genesis.

    Also, I've never been into speedrunning, but I really liked this super-nerdy video detailing the world record history of one Trackmania Nations track.

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    I feel like I've replied to this before, but can't see any posts from me. Maybe it was another, similar thread.
    Oh well.
    I find it really hard to describe these channels, I'll admit.

    Game-related channels that I follow:

    Game Maker's Toolkit
    Mentioned before, but always worth mentioning again, especially since he did a series on stealth game mechanics since thread was started.

    Mandalore Gaming
    My favourite game reviewer. Tends to focus on more niche or unusual games.

    Adam Millard - The Architect of Games
    Game design / analysis channel.

    Mr Wendal on games
    Another small game design / analysis channel.

    Tom O'Regan
    More game design / analysis, his humour is a bit over-the-top for my tastes, but some interesting things in there.

    Noah Caldwell-Gervais
    Does really long, in-depth videos about games. Did I mention long? I'll admit I don't watch him all that much because 1-2 hour videos of someone talking about a game can be a bit much.
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    The "Unethical Zoo" on Let's Game it Out has been the most I've laughed at a Youtube video in months, thanks Malf.

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    Tim Rogers just publish a nearly 3 hour review of Pac-Man.

    Everything that could ever be said about Pac-Man, is said in this video. Probably. I've only watched like 25% of it yet. But what I have seen has contained anecdotes from Tim's childhood, a top ten list of best Namco game titles, and a complete list of everyone who has ever said "video games have come a long way since Pac-Man".

    Also here are some videos that TTLGers would probably be interested in:

    Civvie11 doing a playthrough of Thief.

    Grimbeard reviewing Fallout 2.

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